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  Super modseckswrecks
Hello all,

Midwest Speedfest 2017 is happening August 11-13th through 2D Con! It's our third year, and we're excited to bring speedrunning marathons back to their roots of getting together, and having a good time while showing off some great runs. Here's some of the basics for event information:

When?: August 11th-13th
Where?: Doubletree by Hilton Minneapolis
7800 Normandale Blvd
Bloomington, MN 55439
Submission Form:
Admission to 2D Con: $20 for scheduled runners, regular convention prices otherwise.

Something new this year: Local and Online submissions are accepted! We are looking at potentially outsourcing our overnight schedule to anyone that would like to run a game remotely. We are still giving precedence to our local speedrunners at the event, so this isn't a promise, but more of an option for those that would like to be involved from home!

The deadline for submissions is July 23rd. Schedule review and construction will be streamed from the Midwest Speedfest twitch channel throughout the following week until completion done in complete secrecy from high atop mount Pup N Suds.

Hope to see you there, speedfriends.
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  Super modseckswrecks
I'd really like to do something absolutely insane this year, something with a stupid capture/stream setup that GDQ wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole

does anyone have a vive?

Regarding normal sensible tech, I will be bringing back everything (TVs) we've grown to know and love from the Team Pup N Suds equipment library along with some new friends!

I upgraded to an actual analog sound mixer with some actual microphones that shouldn't pick up jubeat from down the hall! The setup still needs a few odds and ends, some pairs of headphones to use for the monitor and runners and some XLR extension cables to help with the setup.
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Dang it when it said Bloomington I got my hopes up and thought it was Bloomington illinois
I'm gonna do my best and submit either Knack Any% or Knack Any% NG+
I wanna have my Knack Any% NG+ time below 3:20 or 3:15 though
Considering submitting a few 3-Minute Runs, Frowned upon or nah?
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I'm very new to this event, having just found it a few moments ago, and I have seen that there is a plan for some time in August, I haven't seen any other activeness other than this forum post. I was just wondering if there were any new updates on this compared to what I have seen, because I am thinking about submitting (as long as I get better). Thanks!
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  Super modTonyOgbot
We've been pretty busy, but we're looking at starting to kick this all back into gear. Look for posts on your favorite speedrunning resources, and please submit whenever you can.
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Can you update my Super Bomberman R's estimate to be a 1:05 instead? My times have been much more reliable and shorter. Thanks!
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Will there be a place to start scheduling the games? i.e. our availability?
  Super modseckswrecks
We've got nothing fancy and automated set up for that so if you could just hop into the discord we accidentally edited out of the OP and let myself or Tonyogbot know we can schedule around availability
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