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Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Date  
seckswrecksseckswrecks Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime 4 player co-op 2:00:00 PC USA Link SpeedCondo co-op run
FingerQuickFingerQuick Cabela's Dangerous Hunts Kill an Animal 0:05:00 Xbox USA Link Animal can be randomly picked by someone at the event. I'll even buy a ghillie suit and wear it for the authentic hunting experience.
seckswrecksseckswrecks Newleste Whatever I end up running 7:00:00 PC USA Link matt wants me to be able to run this at next sgdq so it will for sure be out in time
FingerQuickFingerQuick Golden Super Mario Bros Any% 0:01:00 PC USA Link swag
FingerQuickFingerQuick Army Men: RTS Easy Campaign 2:45:00 PC USA Link Fun RTS game based around army men. Little long but still enjoyable.
DemonFoxHYPEDemonFoxHYPE Knack Any% NG+ 3:30:00 PS4 USA Link As small as my Twitch channel is, it would be very hard for me to get a run into a GDQ, that's why I feel like if you guys give me the opportunity to run Knack at Midwest Speedfest, then I could truly use this as a stepping stone into the life of a streamer.
JustCallMeWadeJustCallMeWade You Have to Win the Game (Steam) Any% - No Lag Glitch 0:08:00 PC USA Link I Should be able to make it and This will be the longest run I can submit so far, i think. I will of course be trying to shorten it more and more.
theoblivinatortheoblivinator Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Any% (Beat Single Player Campaign) 2:30:00 PC USA Link Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is a very new RTS game that was release in January of 2016. It is a ground based addition to the critically acclaimed 3D RTS series Homeworld and serves as a prequel to the first game. Heavily story driven, follow Rachel S'Jet and the fleet of the Kapisi into the heart of the great banded desert of Kharak in search of the Primary Anomaly, racing against the aggressive Gaalsien who believe you are intruding on their sacred holy grounds. A glitchless run (since no glitches to speed up the run have been found yet!) means you have to have complete mastery over all tactics used to win battles and complete mission objectives, while optimizing your fleet composition, and be able to make quick adjustments to the games dynamic AI. The run is still being optimized and showcasing this game could help bring it to light and open the doors for new runners.
UltimoIceUltimoIce EarthBound Any% Glitchless 4:25:00 SNES USA Link Time Breakdown: Estimate: 4:25:00 PB is 3:51:00 The non-manip route, which I would do, adds 10 minutes. An average run will be 5-10 minutes slower than what this video has. Added another 15 for unfortunate luck and safety strats.
UltimoIceUltimoIce EarthBound Pajama% 2:15:00 SNES USA Link Very safe run that show-cases all glitches in EarthBound. I created it specifically for marathon settings. Some of what it displays: - out of bounds glitches - cliff skipping - exit mouse glitches - graphical/sound/gameplay glitches I can also show off what happens if you play the game in a weird order. There are a myriad of funny scenarios and soft-locks to display. I would add another 15m if you'd like to go that route.
UltimoIceUltimoIce Robotrek Any% 4:15:00 SNES USA Link This is a new run for me. I expect to be in the 3:45 pb range in the next couple weeks, so this video is just an example of what the run looks like. This is a game not many people heard of but is named "slap-stick" in japanese. Very funny, very self-aware game that is a good time. Since you can save anywhere, it's a safe run in a marathon setting.
UltimoIceUltimoIce Pokemon Red Any% Glitchless 2:15:00 SNES USA Link I know the run better than my PB would indicate (I don't run it/grind it often but I stay non-rusty on it). I would use nido/mt moon manipulation. It is a safe, straight forward run.
dan__hdan__h Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 Any% Normal, Unlockable Characters 1:25:00 Xbox USA Link A hack-n-slash action RPG that involves strategic battles and leveling.
imawakkaimawakka DeadCore NWNM NG any% 0:30:00 PC USA Link I will be aiming for a sub 20. But gave myself that cushion just in case I run like garbage.
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M Target Test, All Characters Level 1 0:16:00 Wii USA Link I'll be updating the vid as new strats are found and PBs are beat, this game has been growing a lot recently :D
CountGoobyCountGooby Donkey Kong Country 2 Any% 0:50:00 Wii USA Link Race PB Super fun game to run :D
CondorCondor The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Any % 0:27:00 N64 USA Link Sorry for poor video quality, had to record on phone.
OuroOuro Hollow Knight Any% Glitchless 1:15:00 PC USA Link Cool new Metroidvania from a brand new small Australian dev team. Best described as Ori and the Blind Forest gameplay/atmosphere meets Dark Souls style story telling/design.
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M All Star (Easy Mode) 0:08:00 Wii USA Link Will be improving this run and updating the video as it gets better
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M Event Mode Co-Op 0:18:00 Wii USA Link Will be improving this run and updating the video as it's improved :)
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M All Star Co-Op (Normal Mode) 0:07:00 Wii USA Link Super funny run XD Ran it with Helix, I'll post any updated runs too
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M All Star Co-Op (Easy Mode) 0:07:00 Wii USA Link Super funny run XD
starsurferstarsurfer Demon's Crest 100% 0:45:00 SNES JPN Link Demon's Crest is game that has many different mechanics and movement types due to well designed levels and bosses along with different combinations of character forms and power ups. The 100% run is a great showcase of this, along with a couple single-digit frame tricks, boss manipulations, and quick kill strategies. It's like a more beautiful and diverse, albeit slightly slower, Mega Man X. I am 2nd in the world in 100% and the WR holder in Any%.
starsurferstarsurfer Demon's Crest Any% 0:12:00 SNES JPN Link Any% for Demon's Crest is a very fast run, kind of fun to see it before or after a 100% run to see the comparison. Basically you rush through bosses to the end. There are a few close calls on boss fights but this is a nice quick run. I am the WR holder.
starsurferstarsurfer Good Troop Any% 0:24:00 SNES USA Link Goof Troop is an amazing co-op game and really showcases teamwork at a high level. mrcausality and I have been playing the game for about two months as our first co-op (both local MN) and are already 6th in this category. The run is fast paced and has some very interesting mechanics and player interactions that don't happen in a lot of other two player games. Timing is key and each character has different qualities and compliment certain situations. Overall game design is top-notch.
starsurferstarsurfer Mega Man X 100% 0:40:00 SNES JPN Link Mega Man X is... just a straight up classic. I'll try and get iceless and magic carpet practiced up for the run since at least the second one is a great trick to show off in a marathon.
starsurferstarsurfer Goof Troop Co-Op Any% 0:24:00 SNES USA Link Goof Troop is an amazing co-op game and really showcases teamwork at a high level. mrcausality and I have been playing the game for about two months as our first co-op (both local MN) and are already 6th in this category. The run is fast paced and has some very interesting mechanics and player interactions that don't happen in a lot of other two player games. Timing is key and each character has different qualities and compliment certain situations. Overall game design is top-notch.
HelixHelix Super Monkey Ball Monkey Race Grand Prix 0:15:00 GCN USA Link I'd like to participate in the Smash Bros. tournament as well, so I'd appreciate if I wasn't scheduled to run at the same time as the tournament.
imawakkaimawakka DeadCore NWNM NG+ any% 0:20:00 PC Link Gonna run NG+ Not NG. Disregard my other DeadCore submission. This one is a lot more fast paced and it's a different category then I ran last year.
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M Classic Mode 0:05:00 Wii USA Link first run, if I improve it I'll post updates :)
CountGoobyCountGooby Project Base Any% 0:40:00 WiiVC USA Link Cool rom hack of Super Metroid, keeps the same map but with different physics so the run's different from vanilla Super Metroid. I'll send any updates to Tony on the run :)
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M Target Test, All Characters Level 1 0:14:00 Wii USA Link Resubmission for the Target Test run :)
CountGoobyCountGooby Donkey Kong Country 2 Any% 0:51:00 WiiVC USA Link New PB :)
kirbymastahkirbymastah Super Bomberman R Story Mode 1:08:00 Switch USA Link Running on beginner mode
kirbymastahkirbymastah Sonic Rush Adventure All Islands 1:03:00 3DS USA Link Category that speeds through each level individually with no real breaks and showcases both characters. Times on leaderboards are in-game time, real-time takes about an hour.
TheDrifter18TheDrifter18 Mega Man X2 Any% 0:40:00 SNES JPN Link Flame Stag 3rd route, Centipede tailspin glitch, neon jumps, and much more.
TheDrifter18TheDrifter18 Contra III Hard Any% 0:18:00 SNES USA Link Recently tied DK28 and the legendary Hurblat for 2nd place.
kirbymastahkirbymastah Sonic Advance 3 Best Ending 1:30:00 GBP JPN Link Fast platforming speedrun with a lot of variation in team selection and routing due to this game's more open nature. Tons of tech to explain too.
92039 New Super Mario Bros. U Any% 1:30:00 WiiU EUR Link Here's my NSMBU run
FingerQuickFingerQuick Jet Set Radio Future Any% 2:00:00 Xbox USA Link Did this last year, up to you guys if you want me to do it again
FingerQuickFingerQuick Far Cry 4 Any% 0:30:00 PC USA Link Let's all buy popcorn and watch this cinematic masterpiece together
FingerQuickFingerQuick Larry Boy and the Bad Apple Any% 1:50:00 PS2 USA Link reminder to eat your vegetables
starsurferstarsurfer Wild Guns Any% Hard 0:25:00 SNES USA Link This is a game quite a few people have played but most wouldn't consider it a speedgame since it seems like an auto scroller, but there are plenty of interesting techniques and optimizations!
TheDrifter18TheDrifter18 Mega Man X 100% 0:40:00 SNES JPN Link Race against St4rsurfer
kirbymastahkirbymastah Fast RMX Time Attack 1:05:00 Switch USA Link Fast racing game on the switch going through time attack mode. Lots of boosting and speed and nice variety in tracks.
dan__hdan__h Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 100% All Keys 1:25:00 WiiVC USA Link The most common speedrun category of Zelda 2. The run requires player to obtain all spells, heart containers, magic containers, items, and always have a key to open a locked door.
dan__hdan__h Super Mario Kart 150cc GP All Cups (1 player) 0:40:00 SNES USA Link Player races all courses in 150cc Grand Prix mode.
AquasAquas Ninja Gaiden (NES) Any% 0:15:00 NES USA Link no comment
AquasAquas Contra III: The Alien Wars Low% Hard 0:25:00 SNES USA Link 1 bomb allowed. No weapon pick-ups. No barrier items,
AquasAquas Ghosts'n Demons Any% 0:22:00 PC USA Link Goal: sub 21 minutes (time from recent SGDQ run)
AquasAquas Gimmick! Best Ending Glitchless 0:15:00 NES JPN Link cool speed game
AquasAquas Ghouls'n Ghosts Any% 0:20:00 Genesis JPN Link Recently my WR time of 16:21 was reduced to 16:00 by Zedahmeh. Then I took WR back with a 15:45.
AquasAquas Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins Any% 0:52:00 PSTV JPN Link This is a cool run and a cool game on the PSP. Arthur uses the electric whip weapon to decimate enemies and bosses like Simon Belmont. Run could go over estimate (approx 3 minutes over) if the monitor is too laggy (already lots of input lag on PSTV).
LenophisLenophis Communist Mario 3 any% 1:20:00 NES USA Link I am working on a hack for Super Mario All Stars which will look very similar, but with new features. Since it is not yet complete, I'll be playing the NES hack, made by KP9000, instead. I do not have an NES Powerpak or appropriate flashcart, so I'll likely be playing it on an emulator.
LenophisLenophis Final Fantasy PSP any% no encounters 1:15:00 PSP USA Link A hack and livepatch for FF1 was released some time ago, which removes all possibility of a random battle in the game. Any fights that would be found are all set/scripted battles. To that end, the hype for specific encounters would be gone, and the run is rather quick as a result. Dangerous areas become OST compositions. Trolly fights can still be trolly fights!
philosoraptor42philosoraptor42 Final Fantasy IV Any% No Credit Warp 2:15:00 SNES USA Link A fun romp through 1/3 of the game, then an acid trip to the ending. Will need space for my laptop for notes, as the setup is a little complicated.
Sawneyrath11Sawneyrath11 Kirby Super Star 100% 1:25:00 SNES JPN Link This is my current PB. I would be playing from home since I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and just learned about the convention and marathon earlier this evening..
Sleepwalker_92Sleepwalker_92 SOMA Any% 2:00:00 PC USA Link The video and estimate I submitted is from 2 years ago. The run has changed a lot since I last ran it so my estimate may change as I practice and get consistent again.
SkelekatSkelekat Omnibus Any% 0:25:00 PC USA Link public transportation simulator
Sleepwalker_92Sleepwalker_92 Darkest Dungeon Necromancer% 0:33:00 PC USA Link This speedrun usually takes me a little less than 30 minutes with average RNG. It's fun to see what abilities and classes we get during the run. There's a very small potential for a total party wipe in the last few dungeons which makes it a bit exciting for viewers.
EnchantressOfNumbersEnchantressOfNumbers Tetris The Grand Master 100% Race 0:13:00 Arcade JPN Link Submitting as a race with PARTY MAN X. The first in the Tetris the Grand Master series, TGM is a fast paced, challenging action puzzle game. The goal is to clear all 999 levels in the game in under 13:30 meeting various time and score requirements along the way.
EnchantressOfNumbersEnchantressOfNumbers Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa Beat the Game - Normal Difficulty 0:40:00 NES JPN Link Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa from Konami is the telling of the classic story of an evil goat kidnapping all of the babies in the kingdom, so the prince Upa, also a baby, must defeat the evil goat and all his minions in order to rescue all of the babies and restore peace to the kingdom. I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times before. This game features a technical speedrun with precise platforms, and enough gimmicks and adorable graphics in the various stages to keep it interesting. Twitch viewers rave, "What the heck is this game!?"
PARTYMANXPARTYMANX Tetris: The Grand Master 100% race 0:13:00 Arcade JPN Link Race w/ EnchantressOfNumbers (Only one board needed for both players)
IceplugIceplug Alias PC 1:45:00 PC USA Link All the fun of evening crime dramas rolled up into a run that is an evening crime drama in itself.
IceplugIceplug Final Fantasy VIII F1 4:00:00 PC USA Link PC Steam version with F1-HiSpeed option on.
IceplugIceplug Mario Is Missing! Any% 0:30:00 SNES USA Link This is on emulator since my actual SNES is broken, but that's not important. What's important is the knowledge that you'll get from the speedrun.
IceplugIceplug Mario's Time Machine SNES Any% 0:30:00 SNES USA Link This would also be on an emulator since SNES is dead. Join me as I fiercely stare at printed Word Documents and scrolling windows for a half-hour.
IceplugIceplug Super Mario Land 2 31 Exits 0:50:00 GB USA Link Also on emulator. No animals will be harmed.
OuroOuro Bomberman Jetters Any% 2:00:00 GCN USA Link Would rather run Generations (same length, no VoD). Very similar games, Generation is a better run though by far.
OuroOuro Pokémon Sapphire Any% 2:40:00 GBA USA Link Safety measures can be made, but this is among the most unsafe Pokémon runs, lots to show off and very cool run though.
OuroOuro Pokémon Sun/Moon Any% (Old 3DS) 6:00:00 3DS USA Link In case we have a lot of time we need to fill :P