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You can not submit times on emulator due to the unfair advantage, you must run on a legit copy of the game. Also we are allowed to change the rules, we simply don't want people running on the emulator version Whatever the rules say on the category on this site, is the rules you must follow.
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We appreciate your information sir Thank you.
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Only the legit disc is allowed for runs. No usb, sd, or even burned disk.
Both sides of this is like reading fucking cancer and this is just stupid. Both sides has valid statements and points that are true. Veman did manipulate and use something faster without telling someone, but guess what, almost everyone switched to using that loader even though THEY knew it was faster by there first run. Im guilty of that too. Another valid point of this is he did basically cause a lot of shit to happen and thus what bluehits said about punishment can be used here as well. On the other peoples side, he technically never cheated because other people also started to play this version instead of coming together to stop it, but he did manipulate multiple people. is for the integrity of this game, and to go fast.

Both sides has good points, one for the integrity of the leaderboards, and then one for his actual legit 58:01.

There is so may different things being said from both sides that you cant trust either, because both sides are probably trying to cover up at least 1 or 2 important details leftout by someone else. We cant tell the truth from the opinions, that is the internet. Other then that im not picking a side because that is all we fucking do in this community and its pissing me the fuck off, why do people have to be so rude or cruel in there way of backing up there opinion or even truth that we dont know and probably will never know.
I wasnt even gonna post anything for this thread but god dam.
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All usb loader/emulators are banned. You may only run on a legit disc.
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Well then, i guess its over :/
Snap basically just made the perfect statement about this topic, and i honestly dont have anything else to add to that statement, but everything he said is basically 100% true. If you are inactive , your inactive simple as that.
I would agree with skozzy as well, he can get shit done most of the time, but he has stated he doesnt really want to be a part of the community. My second pick would probably be hd since he's ran this game since the old days and can sometimes be helpful :p.
You need a video no matter what
Add the categories por favor m8
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Well, the way i did it was i had 40 boos and got A rank, Basically skipping the gold diamond for timesave. This is being added as another category, not replacing 100%
I agree with normal mansion, it shouldnt be a thing.
I support this change because bogmire key is basically dead, and chauncey key is basically dead. We need some new, fun, and exciting categories to replace them, which i believe is all boos and A Rank (40 Boos).
I think the run will be fine, you will probably pb soon anyway and beat it

Save warp is actually probably 2-3 seconds faster then mirror.
The video shows the timing and everything i did for it, and concludes its faster. So remember to save warp instead of mirror
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I might make one about that Kappa.

Saves 3-4 seconds when done optimally.
Right side is pretty free, Left side is risky and much more difficult.
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That would be amazing if u can do that I am hoping to see you tomorrow If you can actually do it u have really helped this game a ton!
Like i said man we can try but we dont have the actual video of it happening to really know what your talking about, If u could just point it up, and tape the phone to record it and we dont mind if it is like a 20-30 minute video, if u could get us the proof, we could litteraly save tons of time, and be reconigzed by everyone We really would like to see this, because this could open up so many things..

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