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Thread: Locked 60 FPS

Started by: HcPeeteHcPeete

As far as we are aware, theres no difference in FPS numbers. So for the moment the run is run uncapped

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Forum: The Outer Worlds

Thread: Potential Bunny Hopping(?) discovery

Started by: alicealysiaalicealysia

Thanks for your testing! This is certainly interesting, maybe it could be useful with some further testing/developments? Please join the discord (Link on the left side of this page) if you'd like to join in on the discussions!


Forum: Doom

Thread: Why is there no glitcheless category

Started by: THEhobo55THEhobo55

Theres also an unofficial category were trying to get people to run so we can get it to be on the leaderboards called No Railboost/Glorykill Clipping (No RB/GK) It still has some skips but mixes in a lot of the traditional gameplay as well. You can check the video out here if you're interested

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Thread: PC Version Announced! Time to split leaderboard by console?

Started by: ThoseCrazyGuysThoseCrazyGuys

I really want to run this game on PC. Roughly how long is the run? Theres no runs on the leaderboard lol but it seems like some people HAVE run it before. Also, would it make sense to create a discord for this?