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Forum: Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Thread: Categories

Started by: Odme_Odme_

i think the only thing similar to "downpatching" is having a physical copy and keeping it offline


Forum: Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Thread: Categories

Started by: Odme_Odme_

i feel like (regarding individual game boards) its something that we'll just have to wait and see what happens on and after launch


Forum: Karlson (

Thread: anyone else bored of speedrunning this game?


You're allowed to be bored, but why bring it up?


Forum: Karlson (

Thread: Glitchless Category

Started by: graz94graz94

Can you elaborate? I think there's very few glitches even being performed throughout the run. Aside from clipping methods


Forum: Bright Memory - Episode 1

Thread: Load Remover!

Started by: MetaMeta

Hello non-discord peeps!

I think you'll be pleased to know that we now have a fully functional auto start, stop, and load removal!

If you boot up livesplit now and click "edit splits" youll see you can activate the load remover.

I've edited the leaderboards to account for this change. You can now submit with "real time without loads" and "time with loads"


Forum: Umurangi Generation

Thread: Downpatch?

Started by: MetaMeta

Hi! Is there anyway you might have the files necessary to downpatch? I'd like to start running, but can't really compete on current patch 😃


Forum: Doom Eternal

Thread: Could you add Stadia in this game?

Started by: BluelyBluely

Yeah we'll add it as a platform to the game as soon as its on the site. At the moment, it doesnt exist on the site. Ill mention that to Pac in our meeting today.


Forum: Doom Eternal

Thread: Could you add Stadia in this game?

Started by: BluelyBluely

No Face, thats different 😛 Stadia is like its own thing


Forum: Prey (2017)

Thread: patch 1.0

Started by: LuwickLuwick

read the guide


Forum: Doom Eternal

Thread: Small wall climbing glitch

Started by: OfficialDaveAcctOfficialDaveAcct

lmaoo this game. Nice find 🙂


Forum: Karlson (

Thread: no kill%?

Started by: AquacyAquacy

if a category doesnt have to do with beating a percentage of the game it doesnt need a % in the category name


Forum: Doom Eternal

Thread: Potition for New Game Plus mode for speedrun category

Started by: diablo7diablo7

Personally, id love to have a NG+ category. But the way mission select works carrying over ammo and stuff just doesnt make it viable.

Also, recreating the same thread over and over and calling the community toxic is not the way to win them over.

To OP, if you keep recreating the same thread with the same topic, I will start locking the threads.

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Forum: Karlson (

Thread: Sandbox% Escape% Sky%

Started by: NemoicNemoic

you dont need % after everything, especially if the category isnt about completing a percentage of the game

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Forum: Milkman Karlson

Thread: Are the platforms fair?

Started by: Shoe_CakeShoe_Cake

Platform advantages are very common among speedrunning, unfortunately, its a fact of life

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Forum: Doom Eternal

Thread: Sticky Jumps (better name pending) The key to a console/controller run

Started by: TeenyMeanyTeenyMeany

Theres no way to downpatch to my knowledge. The only way to have the slopeboost patch on console would be to have a physical copy of the game without this new patch. So if you go buy a physical copy today/soon and DIDNT update it, then you'd be golden

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Forum: Karlson 2D

Thread: Retiming

Started by: BliwarkBliwark

Personally, I use the timeline of Premiere Pro. I can set it to milliseconds. https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​j7mBsgJ

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