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Thread: Can someone delete my account?

Started by: [Deleted user]

You can do this yourself. On your profile, head to settings and under the heading "delete" you'll be asked to enter your password, whereupon your account will be deleted.

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Thread: What makes a series 'necessary'?

Started by: MelonkeepRMelonkeepR

After getting three "Toree" games accepted to (Toree 3D, Jumbled Jam and 2) I made a series request, although it was rejected because 'A series is not necessary'. What precisely does this mean?


Forum: Celestial Hacker Girl Jessica

Thread: Individual level

Started by: MelonkeepRMelonkeepR

Make individual level leaderboard


Forum: Pokemon Black and Blue (PETA)

Thread: discord link expired

Started by: MelonkeepRMelonkeepR

i really want to join
this is my favourite poknemon game


Forum: Stranded Isle

Thread: : )

Started by: HoloKnightHoloKnight

WR Pog

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Thread: New category?

Started by: Always_MetaAlways_Meta

I would run this! I’m down for someone to set up a spreadsheet for this

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Forum: HardCube

Thread: Level Leaderboards

Started by: MelonkeepRMelonkeepR

Would like to see a level leaderboard here! I'm not so interested in doing Any% runs at the moment, but I have some fast IL times I'd like to submit.


Forum: Brawl Minus

Thread: Outdated records

Started by: MelonkeepRMelonkeepR

Several of the current records on the target test leaderboard are from outdated versions (namely, 4.0bc) see Jigglypuff, Ness and others. These should be purged from the board since a lot of these routes are no longer doable due to changes to characters (Ness shine no longer hits the target through the floor, Puff's sing has a greatly reduced radius, etc.)

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Forum: Brawl Minus

Thread: Co-op Target Test

Started by: MelonkeepRMelonkeepR

0.91 is the absolute fastest time target test will ever be cleared in, as of Brawl Minus 4.1

I think.


Forum: Brawl Minus

Thread: Co-op Target Test

Started by: MelonkeepRMelonkeepR

A friend of mine and I did some co-op target test runs. Note that most of these are pretty suboptimal, we got all of these records in around an hour lol. I don't think there's any need for a leaderboard, I just did this for fun.

Playlist link here:


Forum: Brawl Minus

Thread: about the next version

Started by: fantasyDinosaurfantasyDinosaur

Archive the final 4.0bc times somewhere and then just wipe them in favour of 4.1 times.

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Forum: Brawl Minus

Thread: New run category (events)

Started by: GoldHakureiGoldHakurei

^ That's not a speedrun event