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Thread: Fawns Chess Difficulty 6 Speedrun

Started by: KiwiCrackerKiwiCracker

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I am a reversi player but I did a quick test too it seems weird I tried it on gambatte latest version and there run is so fast. I watched the run in slow mo some things did seem out of place to me but I don't really play chess in the 4in1 fun pak just reversi so I may be a lil wrong.

I think the move load times are super sus I timed it took me around 45 minuets give or take 1 min to make one move in my chess difficulty 6 game the same move they did and the next move 10 mins in I gave up on loading it most likely be about the same. even if there was a glitch would it cut off almost 50 minuets of time and considering there description says Classic Prank. if the glitch does do that tho its an amazing glitch and I wish I knew it 😣


Forum: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Thread: Voting for a DLC Split in Village Any% Glavenus and About Time Manipulation

Started by: Shauny7188Shauny7188

Yes for Split and Yes to Timer manip and enforce video proof on the ils that can use it. 😊


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Thread: New Challenger approaching! 8)

Started by: LatiosGDLatiosGD

Good luck and I hope you have fun 😊


Forum: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Thread: This board is in desperate need of a new moderation team, or it will die.

Started by: GeminiMHGeminiMH

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Sorry, I just seen this as I do have a lot on my plate generally in real life and normally have too many notifications. I am sorry you do feel this way, I have been really busy so away from the community a bit I am not exactly super well so sometimes I am to busy with all the stuff that comes with that to even think about the boards, although I still try my best to verify runs etc, from now on I will try to be more active within the community so I know what is going on more and can help out better because of that as well as not deleting my runs because I hate them haha.

As Rosianna points out these things I will say I would like to see the changes they mentioned implemented into the community I would also personally like to see more community voting on things not just timer manipulation but a whole host of other things too, like some of the things mentioned above and others too. Form small to big changes that way everyone gets a say and we can keep the boards up to date from any issues that may arise and also keep up the fun for current and future runners. For my personal views on timer manipulation, I really don't mind it as long as people say in the description they used it. (but lets put this up to vote in the appropriate places so we can get more peoples views on the matter where every that should be.) I think it is okay to be frustrated about this and I hope we can continue making changes together for the better. 🙂

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Thread: Heyo!

Started by: AlchemyOwlAlchemyOwl

oh super fun games 🙂 I wish you all the best on the runs!! 😃 yay


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Thread: Hey !

Started by: MaweyMawey

bienvenue 😃 I hope you have a lot of fun!


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Thread: Have you ever felt insecure about your choice of username?

Started by: TowerTower

My old user name was just my name combined with my last name I changed it for this kind of stuff and much prefer it 🙂 I love melons so im happy with it. If you are not happy with your name you could always change it 🙂

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Thread: 100% Discussion

Started by: AzurikPerathiaPersoAzurikPerathiaPerso

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I have just ils tho ^^

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Thread: what do you do?

Started by: [Deleted user]

@LonneLonne I feel your pain although you proberly talk more than me with being on phones all day, and its like even if u drink all day it still happens haha and throat sweets dont help either. 😣 does anything help you? 🙂


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Thread: what do you do?

Started by: [Deleted user]

Work in an escape room, I always lose my voice because I have to talk a lot 0-0 haha

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Thread: Laika says: "Hello!"

Started by: Laika_the_SpacedogLaika_the_Spacedog

I love Super Mario Land, such a good gameboy game 😃 hope you continue to enjoy speedrunning 😊

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Thread: Need help with speedrunning

Started by: Retrogamer6400Retrogamer6400

Each speedrun page has a guide section and forums a lot of the times tricks will be listed there, I would always look there first because they can direct you to the right places 😊 sometimes you will have to find stuff yourself I would just google it like, mario 64 glitches or mario 64 speedrun tricks (useing mario 64 as an example) 😃 hope this helps 😊


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Thread: Howdy

Started by: ariesbladeariesblade

good luck 😃 hope its as fun 😊


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Thread: Any% Heroine Notes (In Progress)

Started by: shade_theshade_the

Maybe also add it to the guide section shade? 😊


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Thread: New to the Speedrunning Scene

Started by: jzombie21jzombie21

Hey welcome 😊 I hope it is enjoyable for you

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Thread: Howdy all!

Started by: TrelTrel

Welcome and hope you have fun yay 😃


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Long time watcher, first time joining.

Started by: ShagSoHardShagSoHard

It can be very fun 😊 I would pick a game you like and go from there atleast that worked for me, picking a game you like is not for everyone though. Older games can be easier to record like snes and gbc etc as a lot of them allow emulator so I always find that a beginner friendly option if someone does not have a capture card. Also mobile games and some boards allow camera recordings. Hope this helps a little atleast 😊 have fun!

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Thread: New to Speedrunning

Started by: SipuliSipuli

Oh welcome :3 good luck with that goal, yeah it can be very addicting haha

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Thread: New to this

Started by: KrispykinsKrispykins

Yay good luck it is all about having fun at the end of the day. 😊 hope you enjoy your time here

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