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Hello guys !

Sorry to disturbe but i'm looking for someone to accept my expert race PB plz.

See you later 😉


OK thx! A little question : i have the europe version of emulation, is it accepted or is US version obliged and where can we find it please?


Hello! Just to tell that there is no video of the WR here. Only a useless link...?


So savestate even just to return to start screen is forbidden? :'(
But the time begins well at "tries" appaers...
So sad!


Hi Tenebrae! I don't understand why my run has been rejected 🙁 I don't used savestate during the run but only to reset. I loadstated to be on start screen and i pressed quickly successively start and R2 (start split button mapped on my joypad) to begin the run... Would i need to reboot the emulator for each run?


OMG!!! OK... The difference is just incredible 😮 Thank you very much for tour help 😉


Not a stupid question at all because i'm rookie in speedrunning and i was running on Europe Version of course... 😛 Sorry for disturbance et great thanks for the info 🙂 i would try it quickly!


Yes, i timed some auto-scroll like mirors section or champaign flight and it's really really slower in my runs (of several seconds) 😕 ; i just wanted to know how to ajust/setup the emulator to get the best results.


I don't know why but i use genplus-gx on bizhawk emulator and the game go impressively faster in submitted runs than mine 🙁


it's also a strat in 3rd stage to reach the kid by no stop running the bottom path in perfect timing with no damage but impossible to do in speedrun (tas only)


Just for info, "River fast start" is "Yeti shadow despawn" and 2nd skip of cave is in blizzard.

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Hello! I wish to be a moderator for Casper on Playstation and Tintin in Tibet on Super Nes beacause i'm first on those games and i know them very well. Thank you in advance and see you later ;-) Bye


Hello everybody! I submitted a run for DJ Boy on Megadrive since about 1 month but it has'nt yet be accepted and the only moderator seems to be inactive since 2 years on this site. I wanted to ask for being a moderator of this game after my run has been accepted but then i do my request now. Thank you in advance and see you later, bye! ;-)