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Thread: I'm sorry

Started by: MattyDVlogs

Hello Everyone. I'm coming clean. I faked all my runs. This is very important for you guys to know. This is going to 100% get me banned off this site so I want to say goodbye. I would like to give a huge thanks to SuperSpeedRunner and Tomppaa for helping me and being so nice. This Community in general is so nice and I'm glad I stayed as long as I could. I took advantage of the no video rule. Thanks to Everyone and this Site. This site honestly felt like a second home to me. (Thats sound like I'm a loser but it's true) Thanks To Everyone. If you got to see this, This is the last trace of me before I get banned. Thank You-MattyDVlogs (PS all my runs were fake for this game)


Forum: Super Mario Odyssey Category Extensions

Thread: New Category Idea

Started by: MattyDVlogs

Hello Everybody! I have a new idea for a category. It's Called No Left Stick%. Rules: Do not use the left Stick at all. Required Areas to use the left stick,(Frog Section in Cap,and the final Bowser section) Timing Starts When Hitting "Start" on a New Save File and ends when you use the power line to leave the Bowser section. So what does everyone think?