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Thread: Version differences in Yukari's spellcard

Started by: MathyFurretMathyFurret

It seems that the 2nd phase of Yukari's spellcard when you fight her in different versions is a bit different. In older versions she goes straight to launching black bullets, where she is more vulnerable, but in newer versions she launches a round of regular bullets first. (Compare my Miko run with others for reference.) I am not sure exactly when this change was made, but it does affect the length of Marisa, Mamizou, and Miko's runs, so I suggest a leaderboard split.


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Thread: Drafting some new categories

Started by: MathyFurretMathyFurret

To be discussed further on the discord

Any% Inbounds

Complete the game as fast as possible. Clipping through walls by any means is not allowed. (todo: better definition)


idk lol, what progress does the game even track and consider meaningful? At the very least, everything from any% as well as all Perry finds, all fetch quests/optional collectibles, and all stars+upgrades on the race courses. Another possibility to consider is repairing every object in every world. Also, should the run be required to end with the Perry minigame, or should we impose a bunch of different timing rules for all the different ways a run could be completed?

100% Inbounds
self explanatory


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Thread: Set LiveSplit to save and compare against my LONGEST time?

Started by: MathyFurretMathyFurret

Hi, I would like to use LiveSplit for a non-speedrunning purpose (obviously) and I was wondering if there were a way to reverse the timer so that it considers longer times = better?


Forum: Sonic Colors (DS)

Thread: Super% Category

Started by: HogeezHoagiesHogeezHoagies

or "All Emeralds"


Forum: Phineas and Ferb: Ride Again

Thread: 100% category?

Started by: MathyFurretMathyFurret

What would be the conditions for a 100% category in this game? Potential requirements:
¤All custom parts collected and added
¤All repairs
¤Some requirement regarding the Candace minigames
¤Out-of-bounds glitch is banned completely

Which of these should be added? And are there any that I'm missing?