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Thread: is this a meme game?

Started by: ryedawgryedawg

No, believe it or not.


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Thread: How to use a glitch to jump and jump somewhere for example: across the bridge when we play as a donkey

Started by: Lame_245Lame_245

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If you're trying to use the strategy that the top players use; don't. Follow my beginner's tutorial so you get it more often. Refer to the guides.

Jump to the lower part of the river, then double jump from there. Don't try double jumping from the fence.

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Thread: how to increase the viewing angle?


Go to your Shrek 2 directory and find DefUser.ini

Open it and add this to the bottom:

Modify both of the numbers to your choosing. I believe 90 is the default.

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Thread: tutorial oob

Started by: SourKiwiSourKiwi

It's pretty easy. Just double jump as high as you can while looking at the wall and it works like 75% of the time.