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Forum: WipEout: Omega Collection

Thread: All Tracks category?

Started by: RealmRealm

Say no more.
I took care of it (as good as the site allows me without revamping the whole board - it will look much better once they roll out the announced subcategory changes).
Everybody feel free to submit the runs yourself so that details like run date, drive type etc. are accurate!

PS: I've noticed you picking this game/run up a while ago and was hoping you'd wanna submit to the boards sometime. Nice!

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Forum: WipEout: Omega Collection

Thread: is there a discord for the wipeout series?

Started by: nesnes

As of now, I don't think there is one. Sorry!

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Forum: Spectraball //extended edition

Thread: Change of rules? (glitches)

Started by: SaveGameSaveGame

That's what the Any% category is for. SeemsGood


Forum: Spyro the Dragon

Thread: RetroArch emulator question

Started by: tortellino5tortellino5

I see no reason why it shouldn't be allowed.
RetroArch just works as a fancy frontend to load the exact same mednafen which is allowed on these boards.


Forum: Pepsiman

Thread: Discord Server

Started by: HothRakaHothRaka

By the way, you can put a dedicated Discord server link in the sidebar on the left. 'Edit game' and it's up there.


Forum: Driver 2

Thread: FPS on Emulator Runs

Started by: Thebpg13Thebpg13

Reject runs running on a faster framerate then their original releases. No doubt about it, imo!

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Forum: The Site

Thread: High Scores - what shall we do?

Started by: PacPac

Either 1 or 3.
Option 1 would make some current leaderboards look much better since the IGT is measured in a points-system.


Forum: Metal Gear Ac!d

Thread: Shall we get some runs on this beautiful looking leaderboard?

Started by: calcifer050calcifer050

(edited: )

Hey man, glad to see some more interest in this great game!
If you wanna discuss more with me and anyone else who might be interested, just join the #MGSR discord, we got a Ac!d channel over there at !
I'm interested to see what you can bring to the table.

Oh , and I'm already in the process of doing a multi-segmented NG run myself (even though it's been on hold for a while). It just takes a ton of time to get everything just right.

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Forum: FlatOut 2

Thread: All Gold Cups / Wreckless class categories?

Started by: IrdesIrdes

(edited: )

I'd also like to see 'Wreckless' being a thing for certain categories. There's many reasons for it, as some of us already mentioned here.
I think the best solution would be to set up subcategories (Wreckless / Wreckfest? :D) for all the categories in question. That'd be a quick fix that's easily set up.

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Forum: Ace Combat 3 : Electrosphere

Thread: Is an English patched version of Ace Combat 3 allowed for the all campaign speed run?

Started by: AkersAkers

I'm not a mod, but I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be allowed.
As far as I'm aware, the only thing different in the patched NTSC-J version is the language.


Forum: Tekken 3

Thread: Time Attack?

Started by: KonqrrKonqrr

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Well, if you wanna do Time Attack runs, then check the Level Leaderboard for most Tekken games. You'd be doing one TA run per character.
Putting up 'full-game' TA categories wouldn't make that much sense to me, since it would be too similar to the more fitting categories that we have now.


Forum: Burnout 3: Takedown

Thread: Icons for 1st - 3rd place

Started by: escape209escape209

Nice stuff! I wish we wouldn't have to downscale them to 18x18 though. Would look much better like this.


Forum: Destruction Derby Raw

Thread: The Score Skip and how to use Score Skip Saves

Started by: MarlonH8MarlonH8

(edited: )

EDIT: There's a problem. The High Scores seem to get lost at times. I've tried several ways to keep them saved, but they don't always seem to be there anymore when reloading your save. Then again, the High Scores were possible to load the first time I've (and made this post).
The "Score Skip" let's you consistently skip around 2 seconds after each race. You get straight to the "Bonus Cars" screen and skip the two prior screens & animations.

A little up to a lot of preparation is needed to fully set up the skip for future runs. In order to do so, you'll need to set 3 High Scores that you're very unlikely to beat for each or most of the races in your run.
You can then save your Wreckin' Racing / Smash 4 $ Career and it'll be there to reload the next time you turn your game on. Of course you'd have to back off to the Main Menu after loading your "Score Skip Save" so you can start a new Career like always.
The High Scores however, won't reset. They'll stay loaded until you turn off the console.


Forum: Destruction Derby Raw

Thread: Why NTSC runs are lightyears faster than PAL runs.

Started by: MarlonH8MarlonH8

(edited: )

Firstly, all races on PAL begin after the green lights are turned OFF instead of ON, That is around 1 second later than on NTSC. Therefore NTSC saves around one second per race for full runs.

Secondly, PAL load-times seem to be a few seconds longer compared to NTSC.

Now for the real DEALBREAKER... Every single race is one lap longer on PAL! That means PAL runners lose "X" amount of time per lap multiplied by "Y", the number of races in the category!

Tl;dr PAL is not a viable option to speedrun this game competitively, unless you want to do ILs, as the timing starts from the moment where movement is possible.


Forum: Tekken 3

Thread: Faster transitions

Started by: [Deleted user]

Edmon, I see you're new to the site. Let me tell you that the mods will verify your run when they have time to do so. They always get notified when someone uploads a run, they just didn't have the time to fully watch it yet (especially now that Tekken 7 is released).

Please don't make posts like this unless your run has been hanging around for some weeks, thanks.

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Forum: FlatOut

Thread: FlatOut series Speedrunning Discord

Started by: MarlonH8MarlonH8

Since we didn't have one yet, I felt so free to create one:


Forum: FlatOut

Thread: FlatOut series Speedrunning Discord

Started by: MarlonH8MarlonH8

Since we didn't have one yet, I felt so free to create one:


Forum: Metal Gear Solid 2: HD Edition

Thread: Livesplit not working on PC runs

Started by: VixolVixol

What you need do is activating Global Hotkeys. In order to do that, you need to open LiveSplit, right-click and go to Settings. In there set the tick on "Global Hotkeys". When you've accepted the changes, it will work from literally anywhere. 🙂

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Forum: FlatOut 2

Thread: New site theme incoming! (If you like it)

Started by: MarlonH8MarlonH8

Thanks guys! I see it's almost up and running! 😃


Forum: FlatOut 2

Thread: New site theme incoming! (If you like it)

Started by: MarlonH8MarlonH8

(edited: )

Heya, I just thought we need a unique design for this game's page. If you like it, feel free to implement it! Here we go...

Site logo based on certain ingame-fonts:
Cup Trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place: - -
Site background & foreground¤: -

¤: foreground looks best, when turning on fast scrolling

For the actual site colors go with a black, yellow/orange style.

I'm looking forward to run this game soon!

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