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Thread: Pause timer during level transitions and load times

Started by: Gabe-StarkGabe-Stark

Running RTA right now is a little janky unfortunately due to the random crashes. Also, when you spam A after finishing a level (so you can start the next level ASAP and skip the beginning cutscene) the game will sometimes skip levels or crash. The MIU developers are currently working on a bugfix patch which will hopefully address all of these issues and make the RTA speedrunning experience much better.

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Forum: You Have to Burn the Rope

Thread: Delay after burning the rope problem

Started by: MarbleBlasterMarbleBlaster

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I feel like a dummy now lmao. Thanks for the quick reply! 🙂

For anyone else reading this - you know you did it perfectly when the rope only explodes 5 times before the chandelier falls.


Forum: You Have to Burn the Rope

Thread: Delay after burning the rope problem

Started by: MarbleBlasterMarbleBlaster

I did a good run yesterday and I got a 27.700. I thought it was real good but when a compared it to another persons run with the same time (TNT's 27.700) I noticed that actually burned the rope TEN FRAMES quicker, but the boss explodes at the same time.

Proof vid:
My run is on the right and TNT's run is on the left. The text in the video is TNT's text so you can ignore it.

If anyone can explain this delay and how to remove it that would be awesome.


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Thread: New category Ending B

Started by: LunatixLunatix

Very interesting. I have never practiced Valrkyrie 4-6, I will try it out and see how it goes! 🙂


Forum: Völgarr the Viking

Thread: Official Trainning Tool for Speedrun

Started by: ProspereProspere

Okay this thing is so useful its ridiculous. The way I learn is through trial and error, so the fact that I can use the full equipment cheat with a unlimited lives on Valkyrie path makes learning this game much easier. I used this trainer for an hour learning world 2 Valkyrie path and I only got half way through the first section for world 2 trying to imitate Prospere's run. It is incredible how this guy can nail all these hard strats a year ago without the use of the trainer. I have so much more respect for all of the Valkyrie path runners now. Taron did a great job on this and I will be grinding out Valkyrie path myself using this trainer. 🙂


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Thread: PC Port?

Started by: copkecopke

The port isn't "Official", but I would like it on the leaderboards as well in a separate category.


Forum: Völgarr the Viking

Thread: Add ending C (Crystal path)

Started by: BrettMerriBrettMerri

Thanks a lot! (This is BrettMerri). Now I can get something on the leaderboards lol. I will submit a run ASAP!

Follow me on twitch if you want to see my progress :]

Thanks again!