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I submitted a run 3 weeks ago that has yet to be verified. Is it possible that a new moderator of the game be appointed to verify the run?


I saw DTtD achieve this WR live on Twitch. I watched the VOD multiple times and it is indeed a legitimate run and correctly timed from start to finish. It's a very impressive run, and it is much faster than my 5:22 WR.

I'd love to see this up here 🙂 Plus, hey, maybe this will spark more interest in people playing this version of the game 😃


From what I hear El-Nino is difficult to come in contact with (a buddy of mine has been trying to contact him for a long time) so idk. If he never responds you can always submit a ticket to the global mods and they can add someone else as moderator.


Thanks, Chuck 🙂

I just posted to the Leaderboards Moderation Request forum to explain our our current situation.

@DontTouchtheDoor, I am excited to get your run approved and I hope we can push this below 5! Congrats again on your current time.