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Is there a link that can be provided to the lab door mod? I feel like this game will never gain any new runners due to the obscurity of this Mod.


Hate to bump my own thread, but can anyone please provide a link to this mod? I would really like to try some runs on this game but only 3 people seem to be able too. If made available more people could run this great game.


Seems like the sole moderator/series moderator El-Nino has been inactive on this website for about a month. His website/Twitch/Youtube also seems like he's heavily inactive on. So no reliable way to contact him. Would suggest following this thread and asking to become moderator of this game/series. Sorry you haven't gotten the information you wanted and hopefully it helps.

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Hey there! Sorry, it has been a long time since I've been able to login, so I didn't see your message sitting here. I am sorry for the frustration of having to wait for a response.

Quickly: you likely are playing the "lab door mod" already 🙂 :) 🙂

This simply means that the game has had the copy protection scheme removed.

For the DosBox version, this is the version you will likely have in your collection. For the ScummVM version, no matter what files you give ScummVM (protected or "deprotected") the ScummVM engine will apply this "Lab Door Mod"

How to tell if you have it? Head up to the 2nd floor and interact with the Steel Security Door at the top of the steps. Open it up. If you can enter any code into the code entry screen and it works, you have the "Lab Door Mod." In the ScummVM version the door will be already open.

Now, why is this the "Lab Door Mod"? -- Well, in the PC version, a copy-protected game will require you to enter in a specific code to open the Inner Lab Door. This code is controlled by the high score on Meteor Mess. In the NES version, you can enter 0000. But in the PC version ,if you try 0000. it won't work. However, when the game has the copy protection removed, any code will work for the inner lab door. "0000", "0001" ... any code!

If you want the specifics, feel free to ask, but in a nutshell...just play and get that World Record 🙂


As for the specifics....

In the PC version, the game chooses a few random codes for Edna's phone number, the Meteor Police number, and Edna's safe combination. It's not truly random -- the game just chooses one 4 digit code from a set of a few preset codes. That's why you can just try out a few codes for each of these and eventually hit the right number.

However, for the inner lab, it doesn't actually set the lab code in memory until Fred plays Meteor Mess. When the game starts out, the lab code in memory is set to 4 values that you will never be able to enter with the code entry screen. It would be nice if they set it to "0000", but no 🙂

After Fred plays Meteor Mess, the lab code in memory is set to the 4 digits that are in his high score.

But, when the copy protection scheme is removed, not only does it allow you to enter in the code for the copy protection door (Steel Security Door at the top of the steps on the 2nd floor), it also allows you to enter in any numbers into the Inner Lab Door!

If you have more questions, feel free to ask here, and if you stream your attempts live please let me know, I'd love to check it out.

Take care,