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Forum: The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game

Thread: Old Patch

Started by: MakkebakkeMakkebakke

Hi there! The Old Patch category of the game pertains to any and all versions that were released before the game went "SUPERHOT Presents". The game's UI and dialogue interface were completely revamped at the time, making the run a lot slower.

For now, please see if you're able to download outdated versions of the game using DepotDownloader, which is available here:

If I can find the time I'll write up a full guide on how to do this, but if anyone has issues please shoot me a DM, preferably on Discord.

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Forum: Ridge Racer Unbounded

Thread: Individual Level Run Submission

Started by: MakkebakkeMakkebakke

(edited: )




Here are the current rules and regulations regarding submitting to the IL Leaderboard regarding each event type or gamemode.


Race Modes

Domination Race, Shindo Racing

The game does not natively display an In-Game Timer for this event, and since the autosplitter does not yet support Load Removal, Real Time Attack will be used.

Timing starts as the camera angle changes and "GO!" is shown on screen.
Timing ends when the UI disappears when crossing the finish line.


Challenge Modes

Drift Attack, Frag Attack

Same as before, however there is no finish line.

Timing ends when the timer runs out and player control is lost.

Time Attack

The game displays the In-Game Time at the end of the event, but this timer is paused whenever an icon is picked up, so RTA is still relevant.
Runners are NOT required to calculate their own RTA times, and can simply enter IGT into both fields. The moderator will time the run as part of the verification process.

RTA timing rules remain the same as those of the Race Modes.



Note that IL submissions ask for how many stars you earned in the event so that different levels of success may be compared. They share the same board to discourage runners from intentionally submitting sub-optimal runs for "free WR's". The variable primarily exists for Drift - and Frag Attack events.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Is this where I go to openly whine about the fact that my game request hasn't been answered yet after more than 7 days?

No? Well I want do something, damnit. 🙁


Forum: RoboCop (2003)

Thread: Diffrences Between Console & PC versions?

Started by: teh_supar_hackrteh_supar_hackr

The differences aren't exactly "documented". I've only tried out the Xbox version. There is no hard-cap on FPS, same as on PC. It vaguely averages around 30 FPS, but can fluctuate based on how 'busy' the current scene is.

Since the PC version if often cracked, you'll notice that the cutscenes that we avoid by not having the disk in the tray, these cutscenes will play (but can be skipped) on console.

If you're wondering - I think the PC and Console versions of the game cannot be fairly compared in a speedrun context. If someone seriously considers running the game on console, I would elect to split the boards.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Thread: change language in JP version

Started by: spencpfspencpf

There is a list of approved modifications ( ) that you can make to your game. Anything not on that list is not allowed.

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Forum: Miami Vice (2004)

Thread: Alternate Game Version

Started by: MakkebakkeMakkebakke

Hey everyone! I've seen a fair amount of people having trouble launching the game as supplied from the Resources section. Luckily for you, there's another game version that might work better for you.

Here's a link: https:/​/​drive.​google.​com/​open?id=1Qqbzu6XGpB7YOvHuohW4WBtAlmBhPdPl

There's no perceivable difference between the two, but the unknown can be pretty scary. If there's any software magicians around that can compare the two directly that'd be grand ❤️

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Forum: The Cleaner

Thread: IGT vs. RTA

Started by: MakkebakkeMakkebakke

(In-Game Time versus Real-Time Attack)

As you might know, Yahtzee has graciously provided us with an In-Game Timer for our runs, but it arguably pauses too much. Removing loads and cutscenes is a given for IGT timing, but the timer is also paused while navigating towards the exit in a finished level.

This matter is, of course, open to discussion!

You are NOT required to include an external timer in your submissions. Your recording will be timed as part of the verification process.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto V

Thread: New rule frame rate cap

Started by: LiclupLiclup

Most runners already cap their framerate to 120 because of stability issues, so problem solved!

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Thread: Random Sound Effects are Inaudible

Started by: [Deleted user]

Is Vice City outputting to the default audio device? You can check in 'App volume device preferences'.

I've had similar issues when trying to output to something that isn't the default.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: keep door open

Started by: [Deleted user]

Hold down sprint


Forum: The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game

Thread: Old Patch

Started by: MakkebakkeMakkebakke

Now that all public releases(?) have been updated, I don't know if the old patch version is still publicly available. Luckily, some of us kept backups of the game, which I can send over to aspiring runners.

Since I do not want to incite piracy in any way I will have to verify your ownership of the game, and I'll be doing so with Steam. Sorry to owners, but I don't know how to reliably verify that.

Reply here if you're interested!

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Forum: European Speedrunner Assembly

Thread: ESA Summer 2019 Feedback Thread

Started by: PlanksPlanks

Echoing other peoples' points for the most part;

The lack of practice PCs was a real shame. The % of PC runs on the schedule as opposed to console runs was not reflected here. The issue is large enough for me to consider bringing my own laptop next year, which personally adds a level of discomfort and worry.

The Street Boyz "issue" was a necessary evil. It grew to the level of side-event, which nobody was ready for. More communication with staff/organizers is required in future. Please please please, do not stifle things like this in future because of the disturbance(s) it may have caused. The Street Boyz brought so many of us together, and was a huge source of inspiration.


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Forum: Preflight Panic

Thread: All Golds

Started by: MakkebakkeMakkebakke

It was a nice idea, but it doesn't seem as useful anymore.

If someone really wants it re-added, you're welcome to share your thoughts.


Forum: Preflight Panic

Thread: Connections Challenge Category

Started by: MakkebakkeMakkebakke

Welp, that's all I needed. Category added. 🙂


Forum: Preflight Panic

Thread: Connections Challenge Category

Started by: MakkebakkeMakkebakke

Should we add a category for completing the "Connections Challenge"?

I'm on the fence, because it's only slightly different from regular Any%. There is no menuing, no info pop-ups, and last but certainly not least, any crashes result in a hard reset. Oh, and the game crashes upon completion.

Please let me know what you think!


Forum: Preflight Panic

Thread: All Golds

Started by: MakkebakkeMakkebakke

"All Golds" is currently set to be an extra variable. Do you agree with this, or should it be its own category?

The variable exists mostly so that newer runners who do not get all gold stars in their Any% run could do All Golds as a separate run without pushing runs into separate boards.

If you disagree with this line of thinking, please let me know your thoughts!