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Thread: Small games

Started by: Bob-chickenBob-chicken

Oh, I thought small games are counted by their development studio or general popularity, not speedrunning numbers, pardon me :))


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Thread: Whats your favorite game?

Started by: Kai.Kai.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil Remastered
Resident Evil 2 Remake
Silent Hill 1-3


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Thread: what fears keep you up at night

Started by: Not_important4546Not_important4546

Trying to fart but crapping myself ((:


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Thread: Where Is Everyone?

Started by: acrobaaaacrobaaa

I was wondering the same thing after signing up to be honest. It seemed that only several threads have relatively new posts, but after reading what Act7 and SioN said... that makes sense.

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Thread: Link your first ever run here!

Started by: WalgreyWalgrey

I submitted it yesterday, so it's still waiting for approval, but here it is, my speedrun of Layers of Fear:


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Small games

Started by: Bob-chickenBob-chicken

I had just submitted my first speedrun - Layers of Fear. It's a nice little game I had played few weeks ago for the first time, and... to be honest the speedrun idea just came out of somewhere, I cant say it was planned. I just enjoyed let's playing the game for my channel, and then I finished it for a second time as a full gameplay with no commentary, and then I came back for it for the third time, just to see if I can finish it from start to the end in a decant time.

Layers of Fear seems like a good starting point in anyone's speedrunning experience. You spend most of the time walking and cutting corners as quickly as you can, solving puzzles and remembering where you can just turn around and avoid sections of the game. I'm not saying its easy, but there are less complex mechanics in it.


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Thread: 'Ello speedrunners!

Started by: MajkilandjeloMajkilandjelo

Hey everyone, new guy here.

I had been following speedrunning scene for some time, mainly for Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises. I find both joy and excitement in watching people speed run games, and that's what pulled me towards doing it on my own, and enjoyment I get from simply playing video games, of course.

I just submitted my first speed run (Layers of Fear) and we'll see how that goes. :))

I don't know what else to say really... I'm a fan of gaming in general, there are certain types of games I enjoy the most, something you could have guessed upon seeing I enjoy Resident Evil and Silent hill :))

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