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Hey all, there is another any% tournament being hosted on SpeedGaming this year. If you've ran this game before, or even if you haven't, do consider it! Please read the entire tournament description, including the embedded pastebin, so nothing takes you by surprise.

Registration is at

If you need further convincing look no further: check out this hype video made by Rox.

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What I did is I got a big cardboard box, cut a hole in the top, and played inside the box while positioning a webcam/phone over the hole. Either that or you can run on melonDS like I do now lol


meta knight

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Meta Knightmare IGT does not sync with real time. Reason for this is because the game actually counts milliseconds, but every time you enter a door, it rounds them down to zero so IGT will always end up slightly lower than real time

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if dmk has a shuttle loop, we’ll be able to get him at the first dream palace as opposed to MK at the end of the second world. more fire shuttle loops = faster time

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このサイトには、個々のラップのためのリーダーボードがありません。 あなたは多分Cyberscoreに投稿することができます。


USDX Gourmet Race WR now needs video by the way






こんにちは、あなたがまだグルメレースをスピードアップしているかどうかはわかりません。 あなたの世界記録を改善したいなら、私は新しい世界記録のためにビデオが必要であることを伝えるべきです。

これは、グルメレースが真剣に取られなかったためです。 しかし、あなたのように人々が非常に真剣に取り組んでいるので、世界記録にはビデオ証拠が必要です。




Come run KNiDL, there's also a tourney going on that I'm running. Schedule is at Also come join the Kirby discord!

btw Chinese is also my second language. pretty cool coincidence lol


Killer that's Chinese, not Japanese lol

I'm permanently retired from Gourmet Race, wooper and Natto bodied me too hard xd

私はGourmet Race、Wooperpls、Nattooooから永久に退いてしまって、私をひどく倒しました。


There's already a thread in the forum that answers your question. If you're looking at Any% Beat RotK, Japanese saves 1:46.

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A N Y % N C A

let’s not upset kinnin now. Keepo

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Huh @Primal-Spire i’ve seen you on the boards enough that I figured you knew but just never joined.

Anyways here you guys go

Discord’s poppin right now with KSA discussion

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Wind sword is the most broken ability in the game, just try it






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