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Forum: Overwatch Category Extensions

Thread: Lucio Surf

Started by: LyriatiLyriati

Possibility to add differentiations for the 3 Seasons of Lucio Surf?

As of right now it's only standard gravspeed and seems to only include season 1

Season 1
YVKB5 - Standard
MSKYX - GravSpeed

Season 2
M4JH9 - Standard
P5NJG - GravSpeed

Season 3
VYYAW - Standard
NSW3N - GravSpeed


Forum: American Truck Simulator

Thread: DLC?

Started by: PortalVendorPortalVendor

I don't see why not


Forum: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Thread: WiiUVC

Started by: SomeWeirdDudeSomeWeirdDude

It's called Virtual Wii mode, not WiiU playing wii games mode

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Forum: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Thread: WiiUVC

Started by: SomeWeirdDudeSomeWeirdDude

It plays only in the Wii mode witch would make it be submitted as Wii.


Forum: Okami

Thread: Documentation of various time saves/new strats

Started by: SkyreonSkyreon

- Gale Shrine reduced to Mini Gale Shrine -
By abusing the system that sets your respawn point when you void out from either drowning, falling off the map, or into a death plane, we can force the game to send us to the origin of the map (0,0,0), allowing us to skip the dreading "100 kt" up to the top of Gale Shrine in NG+ Any%! This results in doing a "Mini Gale Shrine" from NG+ All Brushes though, which doesn't take too long. (Can save 2-5 minutes depending on your skill level with KTing)


Forum: Okami

Thread: List of Okami Runners

Started by: SkyreonSkyreon

update the list ree


Forum: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Thread: USBloader allowed ?

Started by: RaduRadu

You're allowed to speedrun using USBloader but you're not allowed to submit to the leaderboards per the rules.

"All emulators, MIOS modifications, or homebrew applications capable of running Gamecube ISOs (Dolphin, Dios Mios, Devolution, Nintendont, etc.) are banned. The use of a backup disc is banned. Launching the game (via disc or otherwise) from Nintendont is banned (as it seems to make the game run faster than normal)."


Forum: The Site

Thread: Requesting Marathons

Started by: GyooGyoo

Name: TFF5 - The Fast Force 5
Venue: Online (Twitch)
Date: February 1st-3rd 2019
Charity: AFSP
Mods/Organizers: Lyriati, nes, deathline, piner


Forum: Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Thread: RTA Timing and leaderboard updates

Started by: GoombaGoomba

@Omar I don't agree as not everyone has a way of recording a video of their run. At minimum a picture of their results screen along with splits would work.

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Forum: Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Thread: Possible speedrun submission?

Started by: datprorebeldatprorebel

A good minimum would be to take a picture of the final results screen with your race time.


Forum: Talk

Thread: Girls speedrunners ?

Started by: LOLMAN-0027LOLMAN-0027

Drako is a girl, I knew it!

(am also female thanks)

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Forum: Nicktoons: Freeze Frame Frenzy

Thread: Discord

Started by: LyriatiLyriati

Hey! I'm the main series moderator for the Nicktoons series here on SR.C, and I'd like to invite you to join our discord for the Nicktoons Series games.

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Forum: Emily is Away

Thread: New rule on submisssions

Started by: LyriatiLyriati

@Sycko I'd still like for the runs to have evidence, and we can handle any issues on a case by case basis. Being unable to submit to is perfectly fine and I understand that sometimes you can't. As long as you have a vod that I can review via Twitch in that situation I'll allow it.

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Forum: Okami

Thread: Can anybody actually stream this game on PC?

Started by: emeraldalyemeraldaly

I'm able to stream the PC verision perfectly fine.

8gb ram

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Forum: Super Mario Sunshine

Thread: Japanese rom?

Started by: stebsstebs

You should easily be able to find one yourself by looking around on the internet.

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Forum: Splitsmas

Thread: Reminder!

Started by: LyriatiLyriati

Deadline for submissions end on January 15th.

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Forum: Splitsmas

Thread: Submissions

Started by: LyriatiLyriati

@emeraldaly You may have multiple runs per submission

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