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Thread: Requesting Marathons

Started by: GyooGyoo

Marathon: Diet HUTEfest
Type: Online Event
Dates: 26-27 October
Times: 10am - 10pm EDT each day
Twitch Channel: https:/​/​twitch.​tv/​lylatr
Mods: Myself, @CMM1215CMM1215, @MetalGlennSolidMetalGlennSolid, @MIDIbuskerMIDIbusker, @enINFAMOUSvyenINFAMOUSvy

Please let me know if you have any questions.




Forum: Bratz: Rock Angelz (GCN/PS2)

Thread: Skating Inside of buildings

Started by: Casj1357Casj1357

I would find on average this wouldn't save time. It's a neat glitch but I could only really see it saving anything in longer buildings such as Limelight, or Chic salon in Paris.

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Forum: Star Fox 64

Thread: Version differences

Started by: RRHANRRHAN

No difference in glitches, but the gameplay style is entirely different on N64 versus Wii/WiiU/iQue due to lag. The N64 lags a lot and we do a lot to reduce it as much as possible. The other versions don't, and since the gameplay is pretty fundamentally different the boards are split.

Fastest to slowest versions are as follows:

Wii U
N64 (JP is 4s faster than US for Corneria's Attack Carrier boss only)
N64 (PAL)

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Forum: Donkey Kong 64

Thread: Any% no OoB category

Started by: Ekin0xEkin0x

Yo Ekin0x homie I promise you most of the daunting looking glitches are actually really easy with some practice. There are also plenty of beginner-friendly routes you can do that skip most of the hard stuff.

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Forum: HUTEfest

Thread: Submissions List

Started by: LylatRLylatR

Here's a list of all the submissions we've gotten so far. Keep in mind this sheet is updated manually so it may take some time for your submissions to appear.


Forum: HUTEfest

Thread: HUTEfest Submissions

Started by: LylatRLylatR

Hi all! I'm running a speedrunning charity marathon called HUTEfest that's benefiting Alex's Lemonade Stand. The marathon will run from March 23-24 and we are looking for runners and volunteers. The marathon will be held on my twitch channel (LylatR) and 100% of donations, as well as twitch revenue from bits and subs ($2.50/tier 1 sub) will go straight to Alex's Lemonade Stand.

Runs: Submissions are open now until February 28 at 11:59pm PST. We are looking for speedrunning and non-casual gaming for our marathon. Glitch exhibitions and skill showcases, such a Guitar Hero or Tetris, are welcome.

Volunteers: We are looking for hosts and chat mods for the event. Hosts must provide an audition, just so I can gauge general mic quality. There is also a section in here for prizes if you are willing to donate any.

For information on the charity, feel free to visit their website.

Please feel free to contact me either on here, on twitter (@Lylat_R) or on Discord (LylatR#6341) for any questions or details.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Requesting Marathons

Started by: GyooGyoo

Name: HUTEfest
Venue: Online
Cause: Alex's Lemonade Stand
Dates: March 23-24, 2019
Length: 2 days
Moderators: @LylatR , @Keaur , @Xuinten , @CMM1215 , @MetalGlennSolid


Forum: Barbie: Super Model

Thread: Dispute about NerdyNester's 3:25.730 Run

Started by: LylatRLylatR

Hi, I believe the timing on NerdyNester's 3:25.730 PB to be incorrect. I have retimed both Nester's and my run using Sony Vegas and they start and end on the exact frame. I will certainly concede that Nester achieved the time well before I did, but I do believe it to be 3:25.744, if timed at the proper SNES framerate of 60.0988 Hz. Will a moderator of the leaderboard please look into this, I can provide a comparison video if needed. Thank you.

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Forum: Barbie: Super Model

Thread: Any% Super Model TAS in 3:25.74

Started by: LylatRLylatR

Video was made my Tutelarfiber7 and myself, and can be found here:

TASVideos submission is here:

If you have any questions just ask 🙂

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Forum: Star Fox 64

Thread: Reviewing the Turbo Button Ban

Started by: MrMilanesMrMilanes

Oh ya, we've had people submit with handcam before when they've thought to have been using Turbo. The problem with Turbo is that mashing is such a huge part of the run, and it's a part of what determines someone's overall skill at the game. There's nothing wrong with using the controller so long as you don't use the turbo function.

If you can't mash, there's a method of shooting where if you hold A, before you start a charge shot you shoot 3 shots. If you have the right rhythm, you can send out ~9-10 shots per second, which is enough to do any quick kill strat in the game (I've tested).

I personally firmly believe in the turbo button ban, but have no problem with you using a turbo controller so long as you don't use the turbo function, which as you said, would be really obvious.

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Forum: Star Fox 64

Thread: Emulator Rules

Started by: ZojalyxZojalyx

Basically what Zewing said. We want to standardize emulator to keep it on an even playing field. While this may seem weird, since console has several regions for N64, when we went through discussions, it was the general consensus that we should keep a standard version for all emulator runs.

Pretty much: all english N64 runs have the same lag spikes and boss timings. All japanese runs have the same lag spikes and boss timings. All emulator runs should follow suit to keep it fair and universal, so they're all done with the same emulator and same version of the game.

With all that being said, emulators are totally cool if you're using the settings listed, but TBH runs are way more fun on the N64 I find. An N64 and the game isn't a huge investment, the console should run you about $60 with a controller, and the JP version of the game is under $10 (you can either open the console and mod it or swap the back of the cart to play it on a US N64). N64 is also more competitive, since it has a lot more optimized times, and there are more strats than just "go straight and boost", so it's more stimulating.

tl;dr, no, JP emulator is not allowed, but only because we want to standardize the leaderboards.


Forum: Star Fox

Thread: snes classic

Started by: xxezrabxxxxxezrabxxx


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Forum: Star Fox 2 Beta

Thread: SNES classic

Started by: Gameboy9917Gameboy9917

SNES Classic will be released on September 29 and I believe the issue will be addressed when it's released.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Discussion: Removing Runs from Boards by User Request

Started by: kirkqkirkq

Depends on what you think of overall leaderboard integrity and accuracy. If the community cares a lot about having every time listed on the boards for accuracy, list them all, no exceptions. If they don't really care that much and only really care about the top times, remove runs at request. I know the Sonic Adventure 2 community cares a lot about board integrity (directed at Drakodan) and will list all known times for the game, mostly pulled from SRL.

tl;dr: community's choice imo, I don't think this should be captured site-wide.

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Forum: Undertale

Thread: is it me or....

Started by: noname_lolnoname_lol

It's just you.

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Forum: Star Fox 64

Thread: Star Fox 64 Miscellaneous Category Boards

Started by: LylatRLylatR

The boards for Star Fox 64's miscellaneous categories have been moved! This was a change made on June 17, 2017, with the agreement of the entire moderation team, save MHFsilver, who is not currently an active mod for the game, and had support from the rest of the community. The main reason for the change was that Star Fox 64 does not really have any "good" miscellaneous categories, and the categories that we do have don't have enough variance to justify a board on this website (especially Kill Slippy, which had more tied times than unique times).

This forum post is for grievances and suggestions. If anyone has any major reasons for why the boards should be on here, post with the reason why they should be moved back. If you have any suggestions for categories that should be added to the miscellaneous boards, feel free to suggest them with a ruleset here. Generally in the past, we've added categories to the boards if they have support from the community and runners, so if both of those things are in place it shouldn't be an issue adding runs.

The new boards can be located here:

Runs can be submitted through PM to me at any time on either twitter, twitch (whisper or PM), or through the discord server, which is located in the Resources section of the game's page. All runners will be PM'd informing them their runs have been moved to the new miscellaneous category leaderboards. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.