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Thread: Better Moderation on Melee Speedruns

Started by: FuzzynessFuzzyness

Hmmm I thougth the option (GC) in the submit run was implying that the game was originally made for that console, not that it has to necesarilly be played on the GC. Also I didnt see the console specification in the leaderboards that's why I thought a Wii could be used.

Maybe that important thing should be added there, for no more misunderstandings. But still the moderators should have realized what you did on my runs.

If I'm wrong I would prefer doing it all over again, instead of having another cattegory, but that's just me. 😛


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Hi Just 2 Questions

Started by: Lykon735Lykon735

How many runs am I allowed to submit? (per day?)
If I do a run submit it, try it again, improve it, can I submit it as well or do I have to wait??

How much time is usually needed for the people in charge to update the board ?

Thanks 😛