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Thread: Question about the enhanced edition

Started by: HopeTrashHopeTrash

The Leaderboard we have right now is only made for runs on the normal version, not the Mega edition. The reason for this is that the changes made affect the gameplay too much. The added characters make for entirely different storymodes so as an example it is possible in the Mega edition to fight Hanyuu and Natsumi in a storymode, which you can't in the normal portable edition. In addition there are changes in the movesets of already existing characters aswell as more minor changes like "Oyashiro-mode" casting faster which is a problem for speedruns.

However, i can see the Leaderboard being split into different categories for each version because it would be impractical to have 4 seperate Leaderboards for "the same game". Something like the Super Mario Bros. Leaderboard having a category for the All-Stars version and the NES version. But right now it doesnt make sense to me to put in the effort when there isn't really a demand for it

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Forum: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Thread: What happened to the You vs. Boo Category?

Started by: Lukas_Ist_HierLukas_Ist_Hier

I was thinking about running it just for fun, but then it wasn't there anymore. At first i thought i imagined it, but i'm 100% sure i didn't. So why was it deleted and can one of the mods add it again? Thank you 🙂

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: 8-2 stair jump doesn't work

Started by: Lukas_Ist_HierLukas_Ist_Hier

So i'm landing on the second block, but after that when i do a full jump while running i jump right into the spiny, and it's not even close. I play on an original NES and use a 3 in 1 cartridge that contains Super Mario Bros., Tetris and Nintendo World cup.

And i am not just bad, because i tested it on emulator and the Nintendo switch thing and it works like a charm. But i really want to do runs on the NES.

I am hoping for someone to clear things up for me. Thanks!