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Thread: Why are sticky keys so terrible to use?

Started by: Luiz2309Luiz2309

I have no clue on how to use them. It seems the system's sticky keys and Deltarune's sticky keys are two different entities, seeing as if I press shift + control twice them seem to turn on, but I have to press them twice again when I'm in the game to turn them on, making it extrenely confusing to use with the visual guide that appears on the toolbar, and for no reason it just turns off in the middle of the run for no apparent reason. Help?


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Thread: Corrupted file

Started by: Luiz2309Luiz2309

Yesterday, I beat Megaman and started world 8. Couldn't get past the first room because I was extremely tired, so I went to sleep, I don't know if it was because I closed the .rar file wrong or if I changed something in the settings, but when i woke up it said the archive was corrupt. I tried fixing it by using the repair archive option, but after it finishing, it said 0 archives could be restored. Can anyone help me? And if possible, can you send me a save file on world 8? Thanks!