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Forum: Dark Souls Remastered

Thread: LB please?

Started by: LuddanstarLuddanstar

So i really enjoyed doing Least Bosses on DS1. But bought DSR and i would like a category to exist here aswell. So if you guys thinking of adding it that would be great


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Where to download Nestopia?

Started by: AntonPivasovAntonPivasov

well its not allowed to ask for roms but i dont know if its the same for emus


Forum: Hitman 3

Thread: Polls/ Rules Changelog

Started by: Solderq35Solderq35

All side missions? Pog


Forum: Little Nightmares II

Thread: Demo% PeepoLaugh

Started by: LuddanstarLuddanstar

Oh ok. Thank you


Forum: Little Nightmares II

Thread: Demo% PeepoLaugh

Started by: LuddanstarLuddanstar

Would you consider adding a Demo% category in the future?


Forum: Bloodborne

Thread: Emu?

Started by: LuddanstarLuddanstar

I have seen that emus arent banned when submitting. But i am making sure so, Is it allowed to use emulators?


Forum: Hitman 3 Category Extensions

Thread: Any%

Started by: LuddanstarLuddanstar

I think Any% should be in IL atleast.

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Forum: DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One

Thread: Glitch Tutorial?

Started by: LuddanstarLuddanstar

Can anyone one or have anyone done a glitch tutorial for TAG


Forum: Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends

Thread: Can I upload a speedrun performed from android

Started by: black_hawkblack_hawk

As my good friend Tegron said, Android emulators are not allowed. But you can play on a 3ds emu if you have a PC


Forum: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

Thread: Remote Play

Started by: LuddanstarLuddanstar

So my friend told me that you could play Bloodstained curse of the moon Multiplayer on steam. So i wonder if you guys ever had thought of making a Co-op Category?


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Game and watch

Started by: FrostMirror167FrostMirror167

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it could count as a emu or a misc category idk xD


Forum: Hitman (2016)

Thread: Category Extensions for 2016?

Started by: LuddanstarLuddanstar

Hi i was wondering if we could add a category extensions for 2016

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Forum: DuckTales: Remastered

Thread: Community Discord?

Started by: TheTerrificTracyTheTerrificTracy

It is Kinda dead. I still Run it tho. And discord server for ducktales would be cool