Any% (EGA) in 26m 16s by MilkToastMilkToast (Obsolete)


Took me some trys to figure out all the possible shortcuts to get a decent time for this game.
Overall a fun experience and replaying this as an adult I did appreciate it even more.
It has some nice rng elements so you actually have to write down stuff every time you play it, so always pay attention.

While playing this game I noticed that there are different version available for this game.
If you check out this page
you can see that there is an uncut and a cut version.
I played the Amiga version which included more content then the MS-DOS(Steam) one.
Most of that did not matter much, but there is some unsikable dialog like talking to the shepards (8m 20s) or slightly longer loadtimes but in the Amiga version are maybe also some shortcuts you cant perform in the Steam version like not healing the shepards in the rift - they s*ck anyway:P

For now I think we can ut all these runs on one leaderboard, but shpuld change that in the future.
(Not sure if I timed correctly)

Difficulty: Standard

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