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Forum: Sega Rally Online Arcade

Thread: A few suggestions and a few questions for this game's Leaderboards

Started by: BrionacBrionac

> I was wondering why there are different categories between Hardware and Emulation for this game.

Because of the console version. Given the current state of RPCS3 it would be unfair to have them live on the same leaderboard as actual hardware runs.

> Since Sega Rally Online Arcade is a porting of Sega Rally 3, this page should be named after the original game, or at least have both names included in the title of the game.

Wasnt done like this as that would get rather messy and confusing, plus it also seems that you solved this issue (along with differentiating between the 2 versions) by getting a board specifically for the Arcade version.

Regarding the filters. Is there a difference between the vehicles/transmissions that would actually warrant filters being created? I could maybe see the need for a Transmission filter but not a car filter.

> Add a category for completing the whole Championship plus the Lakeside Extra Stage

I guess if theres interest? Right now its just me and 1 other person who have runs on this board so i dont really see the need to add additional categories.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Banning profiles

Started by: WhatsFrogWhatsFrog

> but that's way to severe a punishment for just faking a speedrun.

No its not lol, it says in site rules that "Splicing and/or faking/falsifying runs for any reason" is a bannable offence.

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Forum: Sega Rally Championship (GBA)

Thread: Regarding possible board improvements

Started by: meauxdalmeauxdal

1) Changed 100% to All Cups and no further changes

2) I suppose we can have do that, i would need to dig up a list of all the tracks so that will be done at a later time, if you by any chance have a track list if you could forward that it would be great.

3) Yes and update runs to reflect. Theres also no real need to even track real time so ive removed that from the board so only IGT is tracked

4) Perhaps at a later date, right now i dont see a real need for it

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Forum: Resident Evil 5

Thread: Infinite golden eggs

Started by: gamerofalltypesgamerofalltypes

nope. infinite golden eggs are a hacked item

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Forum: Yakuza Kiwami 2

Thread: Cabaret Club Leaderboards?

Started by: DudersDuders

But this is a speedrunning website, how would you track high scores?

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Forum: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

Thread: Will leaderboard submissions be open?

Started by: PakundoPakundo

leaderboard submissions are now open, locking thread


Forum: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

Thread: Will leaderboard submissions be open?

Started by: PakundoPakundo

The game just came out and opening submissions immediately has been problematic for other games in the past while board mods work things out, we dont really want to deal with this so we are sorting things out before we open submissions. Expect an update in the next few days or so


Forum: Test Drive: Eve of Destruction

Thread: IR Timing Method

Started by: quabersquabers

Doesnt this game have an In-Game timer for this stuff? You could just use that lol


Forum: Need for Speed: The Run

Thread: game version

Started by: DoktorYAIKINDoktorYAIKIN

are you playing through origin or through alternative methods? I cant say ive ever heard of different versions for The Run


Forum: The Site

Thread: Game request got rejected without being looked at

Started by: SolidSolid

"It should be explained further in the submission rules because the rules are vague."

I mean, its not like it explicitly states in the rules that "PvP-Related Activities" are not allowed...

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Forum: Need for Speed: Underground 2

Thread: Please add the NTSC-J version!

Started by: whocareswhocares

(edited: )

Japan is added as a region so all should be good to go!


Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: Alternative options for recording livesplit?

Started by: ExtraLargeGunManExtraLargeGunMan

Studio allows you to use your GPU for encoding, im not sure what the option is called for Radeon cards but for my 2070 Super i have the option of selecting NVENC as an Encoder for Studio


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Can console savefiles be shared (easily/legally)?

Started by: EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly

I would assume that save files are tied to user accounts so unless you share accounts (which i would think would need PS+ for cloud saves, then theres the concerns about privacy and sharing accounts) i highly doubt you could.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: does copyrighted music invalidate your runs?

Started by: AKM8081AKM8081

The solution to this problem is to have music on a separate audio track from the game, that way you can just mute the music audio track and upload that version to youtube

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Forum: The Site

Thread: This game is DISAPPEARING ?

Started by: EeeZeePeeZee08

@diggitydingdongdiggitydingdong it is a bad idea as it doesnt give the community the time to actually play through the game and figure out how the game works and how the boards should be structured. If they didnt open their boards immediately on launch they could have very well prevented having to nuke their board and start over

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