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100% is generally considered a very poor category for this game, but if someone completes a run we may consider it. Keep in mind that for speedruns, 100% usually means you have to complete every objective tracked on the pause screen. For ACIT, this would mean that from a fresh file you would have to collect all zoni and all gold bolts, collect all RYNO parts and get the RYNO, obtain all weapons and upgrading them to level 10 ("X"), complete all story missions including post-game, obtain any other collectibles (most notably the omni gasket), and get all skill points. I don't believe anyone currently intends to run this category, and I absolutely don't recommend it for beginners.

Most of our community is in our discord, so I recommend joining that if you wish to discuss this further. You can find a link to it in the thread posted by KillaLombax on these forums.

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Yeah as far as I know there is no way out of that area, it has a lot of invis walls around it so you have to reload.

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A couple things to keep in mind:
-If you're trying this on a practice file or something it might not be working because you've already left the sector at some point. HD cutscenes only happen the first time you leave or enter a sector.
-After you bring up the map and warp to the sector, there's a short cutscene of your ship flying away. You have to mash circle to skip that or this won't work.

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It's basically the main forum we use now for discussing all the R&C speedruns. Message me on twitch or twitter and I'll send you an invite link.


By the way, do you want to join the R&C discord channel?


After watching a couple other videos of when I got it, I have a guess as to what might be happening. I think that after the fade out, I am getting hit by an enemy's attack during the black screen, which knocks Ratchet back quickly. I think the game may somehow be carrying over that increased speed from getting hit by the enemy into the rails section.


Yeah, unfortunately all I really know about it is how I've gotten it to happen in the past, and I've only done it 5 or 6 times ever. I always do the same inputs and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I also know that just holding circle doesn't work, so it seems like you have to press circle at the right time. Unfortunately I don't know when that is, the timing might vary due to loading times, and there isn't any way to use a visual cue because the screen is black. I haven't paid attention to the audio so it might be possible that there's an audio cue that works, but for some reason I doubt it.

What effect do you think the group of enemies might have? I checked and it seems like I always start the cutscene right as I'm destroying the last group, but I'm not sure how that might be relevant.


I hold up on the left stick and mash circle.