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Thread: Update issue?

Started by: Elodhi

> I also wrote to Mojang if they can enable it for my account, I'll keep this post updated.
The "editions version" you are talking about is actually called "Legacy Console Edition".
The Legacy Console Edition was discontinued in 2019 in favor of Bedrock Edition.
You can only play Legacy Console Edition if you bought it before Bedrock Edition came out.


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Thread: In-Game Sound

Started by: FancyXCFancyXC

Probably not, but I'm assuming it depends on the game

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Thread: Who are you in Minecraft NOOB or PRO?

Started by: mimimishka

i am bad at game


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Thread: Does Minecraft Xbox one edition count as Minecraft legacy console edition

Started by: ThisisanepicusernameThisisanepicusername

Legacy Console is NOT Bedrock edition. You can tell the difference by going to the menu and looking at the logo. If it just says "MINECRAFT", then it's bedrock edition. If it says either "XBOX 360 EDITION", "PLAYSTATION©️VITA EDITION", "PLAYSTATION©️3 EDITION", "Wii U EDITION", "XBOX ONE EDITION", "PLAYSTATION©️4 EDITION", or "NINTENDO SWITCH EDITION", it is Legacy Console Edition. Legacy Console just refers to all of these editions combined.

copy pasted from the discord server


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Thread: Cant join Discord

Started by: creepilpcreepilp

does it give you an error or smthng


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Thread: Evoker%

Started by: norris_h_duke

I mean this can apply to essentially any mob, so there's honestly no point


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Thread: Addressing what happened

Started by: norris_h_duke

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There is other evidence pointing to the fact that it was actually his sister.

1. When asked what his age was, the user typed "8", then "13", then started spamming "12"
The sisters age is 8
2. After the incident, the user logged off for about 3 minutes
When I DM'd him, he seems to have no memory of what happened
3. You can clearly hear 2 different people in the video
4. 12 year olds are 7th graders and are supposed to be mature
for reference, 8 year olds are 3rd graders

Just want to clarify that he seems to have no control of the event whatsoever
There is little point in continuing a discussion based around this topic.

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Forum: Minecraft: Legacy Console Edition

Thread: Addressing what happened

Started by: norris_h_duke

Clarification: I am not a mod


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Thread: Story Mode on Netflix

Started by: ElectroYtElectroYt

It'd be unfair because the netflix versions let you skip time


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Thread: Are we getting a guide?

Started by: Loma_MincrftLoma_Mincrft

Are going to get a guide