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Started by: GyooGyoo

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the mod for genghis khan II: clan of the grey wolf has not been online for 6 months. i have a run waiting to be accepted for genghis khan II and i have also posted in the genghis khan II forums with no response. the mod only has a twitch which i do not have. ghengis khan II does not have a photo of the game and i feel the leaderboard has been neglected and abandoned. i am fully capable of moderating this game and that is why i am here posting. i would like to moderate ghengis khan II: clan of the grey wolf.


Forum: Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf

Thread: version request

Started by: Loki_KhanLoki_Khan

hi, i would like to run the genesis version of this game. if this is possible, please let me know, thank you.


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Thread: verification

Started by: Loki_KhanLoki_Khan

hi rantronbomb, can you please adjudicate my run. i dont have a twitch or a twitter so posting on this forum is all i can do