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Pinged Pac about it. @R0mainR0main

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FLV is supported by Youtube. So it would hint at a problem with the actual file itself / your connection if it is failing to upload.

OBS itself has a feature to convert .FLV into .MP4 though.

Boot Program > File > Remux Recordings.

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What is fun in gaming comes down to the person. Saying 'normal gaming is more fun' is just as silly a statement as if I said 'speedrunning is way more fun than playing games casually'.

It's the situation of the gamer who only plays each game once and always moves onto the next title after they've beaten it, compared to the gamer who sticks with the same games and masters them / does challenge runs / enjoys them so much they stick with them and flesh out every last bit of content. Which are you? Speedrunning isn't for everyone, trying to force it on yourself when you clearly aren't going to enjoy it is a bad move.

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Fixed it. Unless a variable is a sub-category don't tick a default box or else the filter will be set to that by default.

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@kickasspancakes I'm not too keyed in on either of these, so if another staff member wants to take a look at these they're free too.

FPGA has been mentioned to me as a chip in passing, so I'm not sure this would perhaps fit as an actual console listing. And the Mega-SG is a difficult one also. I take it the console's point is to imitate original hardware? And in that case, could it not simply be called a form of emulation? If not an extremely accurate one?

For the 'Windows' request. Right now we have PC / Linux / Mac as separate platforms, and this is probably moreso to allow boards to separate these three as platforms if there may be differences. For example, if I remember right the Linux version of Undertale is faster due to text? Correct me if I'm wrong on that. Anyway, by renaming 'PC' to 'Windows', we then force all the boards who don't want to separate these three into doing so. You can't simply have 'Windows' on a board for a game that can be played on all 3, it doesn't work. However, you can have PC alone on the board because 'PC' can also be passed as all three. And considering Mac and Linux are already platforms, doesn't really make sense to also have Windows as its own thing as a third wheel.

@INUQQ I take it this is Neo Geo's version of the Classic? Added, under NGMini.

@Kid_Gamer Does this play games differently at all, and are there any examples? Or identical to Genesis? If it does play identically not sure if this is necessary but open to discussion.

@NerdyNester I'll talk to the other mods with this before adding, it appears to have multiple iterative releases so I'm not sure how best to handle the addition of this.

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Yeah I've pinged Pac about the issue, appears to be a bug: requested pages we accepted are just not actually being created it looks like.

@Deln Not entirely sure why this is, the system gets really broken whenever there's a ton of ILs. It needs some adjustment overall, really.

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@teeny Done.

@shadoweh91 I'll make an attempt to reach out to them via Twitch whisper, if they don't get back to me in a couple days I can add you to the game due to mod inactivity / runs pending.

Concerning the above situation, I will just say there being 'no interest' in a board / game is a pretty poor reason for not including a ruleset. As a moderator it's your job to lay out the rules, and rules being totally left undefined on multiple games is a bad sign in a situation where the main reasoning for wanting to be granted moderator on an additional, separate game within that same series, is to clear up rulesets. Having the ruleset written out is important for reasons other than things like timing rules being clear, it prevents moderators from bending rules whenever they feel like it.

I would almost encourage some line of code on the site in future that would regularly notify moderators for games with an undefined ruleset to write a ruleset.

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I fixed this. It wasn't a site problem.

The problem was a 'default' box was ticked for a variable that wasn't a subcategory, meaning the filter would automatically set itself to whatever the default was; effectively cutting off all runs that aren't under that variable from the default view.

Ideally, you only want to tick 'default' for subcategory variables,or if you want a specific variable not to show up in the default view.

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I have heard that before, but it does seem to conflict with me knowing several Japanese runners who do use the term to refer to single segment runs that aren't "real" time, so like an IGT that doesn't count loads, an one example.

It being used as a term for "multi-segment" runs is kinda unclear in my opinion. Unless it's documentated on a Japanese site or archived site like SDA.


I've seen the request, my first concern on its name is the argument is these games are connected canonically and yet it is developer-named, which would give the impression all/more games by these developers (possibly also games that aren't canonically connected at all to these two games) could be added to this series.

Some kind of 'official' name for these two games' would need to be given in my view. If none exists, then it perhaps isn't the best case for a series page, if the developers themselves don't address these games as being under a specifically named series.


@KaweedFul I haven't heard anything from back the mod in a little over 2 weeks, so this should be fine since you have a pending run.

@TheBlazeJp I don't see any reason myself why the moderation should be adjusted. There's no issue currently, and this would likely just create one. That said, I've never really cared for this particular method of handling series moderators, that being them having control over every individual game within their series. It always seemed to cause more issues than it helped, which is likely part of the reason this exact permission was stripped from the series mod role years ago.

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It's not considered 'tool-assisted'.

Though, I definitely wouldn't compare the likes of this to a single segment / RTA run category wise, personally. I'm not entirely sure where I stand on these types of runs, partly because they're a third wheel essentially alongside single-session runs like RTA and Single Segment, and multi-session runs like Segmented. Though, I would categorize them more into Segmented myself since the run session is broken up into parts and you aren't running / the timer isn't running continuously.

TA is a term I've heard infrequently, but I've also had the term 'time attack' be used by Japanese players for single-segment runs involving an IGT. So, I'm unsure exactly if TA has a definitive meaning (possibly just their name for a speedrun that doesn't use real-time), or everyone is just giving it different meanings.


@roushmore Regarding deleted categories; unfortunately if a category is totally wiped then all the runs are also gone along with it. There is a rollback process, but at the moment it is a very manual process that requires Admin w/ Code Access intervention, which we are hoping changes in the future at some point. That said, under these conditions it is unrealistic for us to be able to rollback every issue that occurs on a leaderboard, so unfortunately right now, your best bet is to either contact an Admin or try work towards restoring those categories / runs yourself between the mods.

@mitjitsu Have you tried to contact the current mod before making this request? Just looking at his twitter, he was active just today on it and I would guess it is the same case for his other medias.

@NotJohn You don't appear to have a current run in this game ( / pending on my end, and we aren't currently looking to really instate mods who have neither simply for the sake of it.

@cheekychunk Since you look to have a pending run, the current mod has been offline for several months / has some broken contacts, okay.

@The_IL_Guy Heard nothing back from the mod after a week, and they appear to have used twitter since, so since you have a pending run I've added you.

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@dudleyscud I've talked to the MadWasp and instated him for the game, after confirming he is okay with it.

@octopuscal I've made an attempt to try whisper them via twitch, since runs should not be sitting for over 3 weeks ideally. I'll give them a couple of days to address the issue.

@mcd573 I'll leave this until the mods in that game reach out to us. Doesn't make sense for us to interfere with their game without their knowledge.

@Otterstone_Gamer Okay.

@Cytruss All seem fine, so okay. This run here: looks to have a mistake in its time. 35 second video with a 43 second time? Was it meant to be 34 seconds?

@manticor5 Have you tried to contact this user at all through their social media? I've tweeted to the mod, who looks to be very active on twitter. And yeah, the pending actions thing is a current bug, which we're hoping is fixed soon.

@Phrayse Since the mod is grossly inactive and you look to have a run pending, okay.

@qwerf I'll give them a little while to respond. I'll come back to this next cycle.

@Tridarius I've tweeted at both mods. The run hasn't disappeared, it's a current bug in pending actions and is still visible to them.

@Peanutfan22 The moderation of this series looks to be really messy. For now, I've lowered/removed some of the inactive users or users who don't appear to be involved with the Where's Waldo game moderation whatsoever, and added users I think better reflect the team of moderators per each game.

Made a thread specifically for these changes also: , if anything needs to be said.

@lolonatorek This is a current bug with pending actions, the run it still there. I'll attempt to whisper the current mod and give them a couple days to respond since they've been offline for 2 months. If they don't get back to me by the time I cycle through this thread next, I'll add you.

@AquaBlake Seems like a silly idea.

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After a request here:

I've changed the moderation of this series up a bit, it seemed to be extremely messy before, both a mix of inactive users or users who had very little, if any, involvement with the Waldo games moderation wise. Some of those mods I've lowered from Super > Regular, those who appear active but with no moderation involvement on the games themselves currently.

This includes adding the Super Mods from the games within the series (Aberen, Peanutfan22) as well as Wolfensane, who moderates 2/3 games within the series.

If there are any issues, feel free to reach out to me either on twitter, or via discord at #wulfz3178

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No security is 100%, but the point is to try make it harder for people to breach security.

Even a system where moderators have to decide on a unique PIN to enter 'edit game' would be useful. For example, say you moderate ... Ocarina of Time, to be permitted into 'Edit Game' you have to enter a 4/5 digit PIN (maybe one time per login or something, so it's not an annoying process), so even if a user breaches your account on SRC they then have an additional level of security to get through before they can actually move in and do damage to the games you moderate.

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@Timmiluvs Cleared the first, obvious bot, but left Badwrong. Info appears to check out.

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Unfortunately it's also a bad time for a bug like this to come up due to PACE also, but Admins have been pinged regarding the 'Pending Actions' issues.

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