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Was a Ninja Gaiden 1-3 relay at GDQ 2015 that was basically a second apart at the end:


@fepnascimento Per the runs that were rejected due to 'no timer', I've contacted the moderator and asked they rescind the rejections. Keep us posted here on the status of your runs.

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@Tranman64 If they're inactive, you need either a past run in the game or a currently pending one to request mod.

@SSbeatle Please ask the Super Mario World mods this, as they're active. We aren't just adding mods to games for the sake of it.

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I don't believe that is possible at this current time.

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@SonyOne I pinged them on twitter and directed them to your request. Generally, if someone is active on social media though it might be best to just contact them, because usually it'll result in them just sorting out the situation.


I can see it. Try CTRL+F5.

I'm waiting for the day the site stops allowing animated gifs past 400x400px though, myself.

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I fixed it.

The solution is to not check a 'default' box unless it is a sub-category. What this means is the leaderboard will, by default, automatically select that character via the filter whenever you load the leaderboard... instead of just displaying all characters.

Orchlon's on his videos, by looks of it Kappa

Here is that particular video on there:

Runner is: Xiaojie / 小杰

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I edited my previous post to contain an example of what is meant.

Essentially, to examine the machine parts in your example, he menued as if he were going to heal, instead of hitting confirm in the proximity of the puzzle. It's a small optimization issue on his end, and this is why he couldn't place the parts. Not anything to do with console/PC.


He menus manually there to open the boxes before he reaches the puzzle and that's why he has to leave the inventory; to move closer to the trigger for the puzzle.

This is Xerian's run, on PC, he does all menus here within a single menu; never leaves the menu:

Pay attention to how the menu looks in that run, and how it looks during Xerian's; the puzzle shows in the background. This is because in your example, the runner has menued manually to examine the boxed machine parts and had not hit confirm on the puzzle itself to trigger the menu. He then had to back out of his manual menu and hit confirm on the puzzle itself to place the parts.


And those two images don't really make any sense.

You're showing the machine part - unopened on the "PC" image. Of course you cannot use the machine part box, you need to examine it, open it and receive the machine part before you can use it.

On the "console" image you're showing the actual machine part itself, after the box has been opened through examining it.


You can? I'm confused what you mean. I've seen loads of players on PC just move through their menus using directional keys, as console players do.


You can tell that particular vod (the one from Santrax) is on PC because the timer is hooked into the game, and you can see his mouse hooked into the game whenever the menu pops up. And I mean, it says PC on the splits.


@TheStalkerVal From what I can see, apart from them being offline for a month they don't appear to have really done anything with the game since 2017 (I can't see he's verified a single run and from what I've been told he's not actively involved at all, and the logs do support this) and since the mods on a majority seem to be of the opinion/view that he shouldn't be there, ok.

@cheating Ok, so I attempted to contact this user myself on reddit and weren't successfully able to. I wanted to wait a few days just so I could verify he had been online on reddit and posted, and I've received no reply back to my attempt to contact, so I will assume he doesn't care or just doesn't want to involve himself. Since you have a pending run for this particular title, I will add you to the game. For the other games you mentioned, I ask that you submit a run. Generally don't like to add mods to games unless they have either a past run in said game, or a currently pending one.


Due to this being simultaneously requested by two users with runs for the game in the past few days, decided to set up this page with both users as moderators.

If there's any issues, feel free to contact me.


@speedrunningiscool Whispered the current mod and they have since verified your run. I would suggest whispering them via Twitch for any further queries, they got back to me the very next day.

@TanyaVsTheWorld , @Shadow_Dog It looks like Surviv0r is active and adding people going by Shadow_Dog's post, so I will ask you send all requests their way for COD4.

@PepeSama This is a job for that board's moderators. Alternatively, you could just edit that run and amend the information.

@Jack_Hase By whisper, I mean the functionality on Twitch.

@Karma Mod seems to have been offline for a long time and you have a pending run, so this seems fine.

@cheating I've attempted to DM this user on reddit myself. Since Dangerless / Kirkq look to have addressed this earlier, I'm not sure how far this went in terms of trying to contact the user? For those other games you've listed, (the ones you specified you were planning on doing runs for) it'd be best you provide a run to us (or submit a run) before asking for moderator.

@Strafe_Insanity CreativeEly is active, please contact them regarding moderator requests.

@GhostSenpai I've contacted them on twitter at least just to verify this is the case, though if they've lost access to their account they can contact Pac or Kirkq about resetting their password.

@ShinkenX I've tweeted at the mod and directed them to your post. They appear active on twitter though, so it confuses me why you never did this yourself.

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Yeah, that looks like an issue with the PS4's DVR.


My opinion on rulings should be they should at least always remain consistent, and to use common sense. One thing I've feared mostly from the Moderation thread (and dealing with it) is that we'd appoint someone who would totally change up an entire board by reverting a bunch of rules, and rejecting current runs based on those rulings.

Moderators should set some obvious ground rules, such as not allowing the use of TAS tools, no cheating... you know, stuff that blatantly make sense to have as rules, for everything specific to the game though it's perhaps best to gather a consensus from the runners themselves; contact them and ask their opinion on what you're proposing and then make a decision based on what they say.

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There's a few requests Kirk/Dangerless appeared to be sort of managing, so going to try sidestep those a bit right now as I don't wanna interfere with any kind of judgment they may have made, or interrupt any kind of communication attempt with mods they may have been waiting for/attempting.

@speedrunningiscool Whispered the current mod, I'll give them a couple days or so to reply.

@ThoseCrazyGuys This seems fine to me. I've tried to contact the current supermod in the past also about a similar situation and received no actual reply back. Removed Nacho as well, as the user has been offline for 2 years, so chances are... they aren't coming back.

@TheStalkerVal Is this also an opinion the other mods also hold? From looking at his logs I can't see that he's actually verified any runs at all, or had anything to do with the board since 2017 (logs don't go all the way back), so I'm not necessarily opposed to removing him despite the fact he was last online 25 days ago (and I presume you've tried to get this resolved yourself going by your post) but just want to verify the former is the case beforehand.

@petfriendamy Yeah the mod appears to have been online today, as can be seen here: , your run appears to have been reviewed now so I presume this is resolved? Generally if mods are active, mod requests should be sent their way, and not to us.

@Jack_Hase They were last online 2 days ago, as can be seen here: , though unsure if they were online recently at the time of your request. Have you tried whispering them?

@TransparentBlue Added Moonspod to two of the 3 games within the series, and removed Walter, who has been offline for 2 years. Regarding the other game, it appears as though MrBond is already an active mod there, so I will leave it up to him to distribute moderators for that particular title. As to not step on his toes. If there's any other concerns, feel free to reply here or tweet at me.

Regarding the Switch Board, if this is something the community would rather not exist (and be merged platform wise with another of the games) contact me or another site mod. Since it appears this was a vocal point of your first post also, and I don't believe it can be manually removed by anyone but site mods now.

@euantp Done.

@LeandroAmadeu What do you mean by you don't want his place and to add "agility"? Either way since the moderator has been inactive for 2 months and there looks to be runs pending, I am fine with this. Also fixed the name of the game, as the site has issues with allowing ō in titles.

@PeterAfro I am mostly fine with this. Cyber looks to moderate a lot of games, and this also appears to be a semi-recurring issue. That, and you have a run that's been pending for over 2 months now. So even though they're using the site, there still does look to be some inactivity in terms of handling runs to me.

@sWinTuZ_2019 ? You're supposed to submit your runs to the game.

@GinTatsu2 Since the mod appears to actively use the site, I've sent them a tweet pointing to your request. Generally in these situations if you haven't already I would suggest reaching out to them on social media.

@Peregrine The mod layout for this game seems pretty messy already. They have 1 mod that hasn't used the site for 1 month / two that haven't for 4 months, and 3/4 of them don't even look to have a run of the game. They do look to be series mods, but it's honestly redundant to me if they are if the majority of them don't even look to have ran it. I'll change up the mod situation there to better reflect active users and mods who have ran the game. Additionally, you appear to have 3 pending runs on your profile, 2 of which appear to be the same run as the one you submitted and the third seems to be an error judging by the time inputted. You should probably delete those.

@yoshifruit This board to me falls into the category of 'why does this thing even exist in the first place?'. That said, I can't tell if the submission is a joke or not. It's a 6 minute video of fails, and in the last 30 seconds or so you achieve a score of two.

@TanyaVsTheWorld Regarding Brothers in Arms, I've attempted to whisper the current mod. About MW Remastered, since you were a prior mod anyway before deleting your past account (and added by Surviv0r before, so he'd probably be fine with it), and he has been offline for a month this seems okay. There also appears to be quite a few runs in the queue.

@OctoDus They look to have added you.

@rythin I probably should have told the other mods regarding this when I decided to take a break from the site mod team, but I forgot so sorry about that. I've added you now, since I got no response in the past from the current mod.

@davidwiki8 Removed the inactive mods, both trom the series and from the games. For now will add you, Salem and dorentuz as series mods, since that creates an equal divide between all three games, I feel. With Dorentuz super modding Payday 1, you super modding Payday 2 and Salem also being a Super mod between Payday 2 and Payday 2: The Tournament. If either of them don't wish to be series mods, they are free to remove themselves. Additionally, feel free to add any you feel I missed.

@Nariom Since all 3 mods look to have been offline for at least a month (with the more active two having zero contacts methods) I have no issue with this, since you have a pending run. Added.

@conormcmahon You look to have since been added as a mod for all of the listed games.

@scoot_ Lowered Jeepitou from Super Mod and upped LucidJackal to Super Mod, since they are active on the site. So, your request should now be forwarded to them.

@Galedog Since I don't know the entire story, I've at least attempted to reach out to iReference via twitter and directed them to your post. I would at least prefer them to be aware of this situation beforehand, over removing them and them having zero clue how they were removed and who by.

@Trigger Similar to the above request, some of these mods are active on the site... have you contacted them about this at all? I know Ufotekkie is active for sure, both on here and on social media. I've lowered several of the super mods who were inactive and didn't even make sense even being there due to having no run of the game, so you're free to remove those whenever. It'd be best to try reach out to Nord/UfoTekkie though, because both of those appear to use the site regularly, and as said before if they can be made aware of it, it'd remove the issue of "I'm active, where did my mod status randomly go for X game?".

Edit: Tekkie is fine with it.

I haven't touched yours or cosmic's status because ShadowDraft is a super and can up you guys whenever, and so that duty belongs to him.

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