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Thread: Death%

Started by: KooTheShoeKooTheShoe

On my 1st blind play through I actually found a Tarantula on my 1st day and I died. If i recorded it I would have the WR 😉

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Forum: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Thread: Idea for a new dumb speed run category.

Started by: Lino_DolphinLino_Dolphin

I have a dumb idea. I don't care if this doesn't happen but I would like it if it did. Basically, in the game when you catch a centipede the text says "I Caught a Centipede! 99 more and i'll have a dollarpead!" My idea for a meme run would be Dollarpead% Catch 100 Centipedes! I know, Its dumb. But what do you think of that Idea?