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Forum: Final Fantasy XIII

Thread: How to handle the issues with FPSFix

Started by: MrzwanzigMrzwanzig

This game punishes runners enough as it is. We should not punish them ourselves - especially as existing runs and runners submitted their times in good faith.

I see two lines of thought in today’s discussion. Either your primary concern is having a more inclusive environment, where more people run the game - or your primary concern is sanctity of existing top leaderboard times.

So who matters more? The people at the top, or the number of total runners? The better answer is to solve for an answer that solves both.

Whether this is a loadless style script, a timer that counts total frames, something that fixes in game timer? I don’t know the solution.

But if the goal is to enforce arbitrary standards of what a good runner is, by gatekeeping against certain hardware, then the real monsters were the friends we’ve made along the way.


Forum: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Thread: Proposal of new categories for the demo available on console

Started by: xShonnenxShonnen

I think this is a neat idea. Curious the thoughts of the other mods.


Forum: Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization

Thread: new category suggestion "beater%"

Started by: BlackAuraBlackAura

There's two parts of this suggestion - one is to go as a sword user, the other is to go through as a solo player.

Sword is a viable route - Dabom does it after an initial grind on Rapier skill. st_all goes Rapier into Axe, for several good reasons.

Most all of the speedruns seem to cap at 350 skill, so I'm not sure how viable unlocking Dual Weilding.

The more I study the WR, though, the more I realize the damage your teammates put out with well-utilized party commands. So going solo is an issue. You'll also have to deal with not being able to revive yourself.

Bottom line, this game needs more runners. Be one of us! 🙂


Forum: Final Fantasy XIII

Thread: Easy Mode (PC) being added as a category.

Started by: NoPend2NoPend2

There are many games where the fastest category is not the showcase on the leaderboard - take Ori, for example. Your primary category is the one that best showcases the game.

I support the idea of forking the Any% name to two categories: Any% Easy and Any% Normal. Let Easy allow Easy difficulty for as much of the run as you like (or all of it, if it's what the group wants).

Keep Any% Normal as the primary category of the Leaderboard, and maintain the rule that it requires Normal difficulty for the duration of the run. The first thing someone sees on this site, for this game's leaderboard, should be the set of Any% runs it displays today.

Categories should be platform independent - I don't support saying Any percent has different rules for different platforms. Discussing "is normal difficulty the real Any% on PC" seems like a fool's errand, in my opinion.