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Thread: CTB "spinners" and defining a FC

Started by: Likeanoob100Likeanoob100

That is for the last map but all the top runs alt+f4 after finishing a map to skip the results screen. I'm referring to the times where we alt+f4 out of the map


Forum: osu!

Thread: CTB "spinners" and defining a FC

Started by: Likeanoob100Likeanoob100

In CTB, the "spinners" do not add to your combo. So if a song ends in one of those spinners, when does the song become "FCed". After the last note that gives you combo, or after the spinner?

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Thread: Pre-NASA Online Marathon

Started by: NaegleriaNaegleria

What is the ETA for the release of the schedule for the marathon?


Forum: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team

Thread: Language?

Started by: yanboyanbo

Ask the Pokemon community, I think there is a rule of thumb that all pokemon runs have to be done on the English carts. In theory it's faster with Symbol based languages like Japanese but we want to use English because it's universal and easy.


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Thread: In game time mod for 1.8.3?

Started by: Likeanoob100Likeanoob100

Is there compatibility of the speedrun mod for 1.8.3? I want to run the set seed glitched category and duping items is easier on 1.8-1.8.3. The problem of 1.8 though is that the sheep needed for the wool does not spawn. My Computer cannot run the special timer.


Forum: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team

Thread: Emulators?

Started by: Sir_ZyloSir_Zylo

Hey Zylo, unfortunately to my knowledge emulators are not allowed. Emulators tend to load times based on your computer specs and will actually supersede console loading times if you have a good HDD. We think that using an emulator gives you about a 2 min difference over console, on average.

By all means don't let this fact deter you from running this game. A lot of runners look at MbisonFute's no save and quit run as the real WR even when it was done on an emulator (considering the Console WR and his time has a 4 minute difference).

For emulators, DesMuMe is a great DS emulator that can work exactly like a console (except for the independent loading times) if used correctly.



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Thread: Emulators

Started by: DDos-DanDDos-Dan

Thanks Dan, we still happily accept runs that are done on an emulator, it just is hidden by default. Even if you do get "World Record" on an emulator, we still kind of accept it to an extent (look at PMD blue/red rescue team single segment for an example of this) I hear and understand why you want a separate leaderboards, but it doesn't make sense considering how small the community is and the differences between emulator and console.