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Added the Neo Geo X (NGX).


Added the Commodore VIC-20.
Added BRA / PAL as a region.

I've also added both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, we'll see how that works out. I doubt many people will read/follow this if I post this only here, but these platforms only need to be used when there's actual differences that warrant them. Otherwise (i.e. the platforms are identical) using only the base platforms (PS4, Xbox One) is perfectly fine.

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Fixed the rules formatting for you, you can edit them again now.

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Thanks for reporting, notifications were indeed broken since ~23 hours ago. The notifications and email that should have been sent out in that time are in the process of being sent out now.

Update: All 53426 missing notifications and 471 emails have been sent out.


I mean, that's what happens if you continuously reload the page, yes.
Obviously it's abusable, but it's not exactly a mistake.

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Fixed the thread pages, thanks.


As far as I can tell, user themes and animated user pictures have been restricted to donators since february 6th 2017, for users signed up after that date.

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We've got the NES mini already, so I've added it.

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If you go to your settings page, then the Front page tab, you can set the minimum and maximum number of followed runs that show up. Set both to 0 to not show any on the front page.

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Fixed the platform link, thanks.


The wikipedia article states "The CDTV is essentially a Commodore Amiga 500 home computer", so I would list that as the existing Amiga platform.

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Nice catch, deleted the duplicate PC-8800 and rebranded the old NEC PC-8801 to NEC PC-88 series.
Added the Apple II and Atari Lynx.
The FM Towns seems to have a decent list of games for it, so I've added that one as well (a quick search does in fact find an emulator though I haven't looked further).
I'll leave the SAM Coupé for now, let me know if there's ever someone that actually does a run on it and I'll add it then (the wikipedia page lists two emulators for this one as well).

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The loading issue for series pages has been fixed.

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First of all I want to apologise for the delay in getting these processed.

I've added the following platforms:

• Atari ST
• Amiga CD32
• Acorn Archimedes
• Amstrad CPC
• ZX Spectrum
• Sharp X1
• PC-8800
• Satellaview

I'm not convinced a platform 'Handheld' would be more descriptive than marking it as an emulator (not saying that's ideal either), since I feel Handheld would be too generic and misapplied to games released for handheld consoles that do have their own entry. I'm open to hearing more arguments on the topic though, or other suggestions.

I don't think adding the SFCMini as a separate platform makes sense given that the SFC itself is handled through regions currently.

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You switch something between being a normal variable and a subcategory by toggling the appropriately named 'Use as subcategory' option.


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