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thanks, I didn't know about the different versions of scummvm, nice to know


Sorry, Stan's dialogue is ok, for some reason in one of my savestates that dialogue is a bit different, but buy following the guide there should be no problems (at least I understand why I've lost a couple of runs on Stan)


Firstly, hi, I'm Leolitz, in the last few days I tried to speedrun Monkey Island (before I submit a run I want to have a semi-decent time first), I might be wrong but I noticed a couple of errors in the guide, the first dialogue with the shopkeaper should be 3,1,1,1,1,2 instead of 3,1,1,2 and the last dialogue with Stan should be 3,3,1... instead of 3,4,1...

I also wanted to add a small optimization that I've found, when the shopkeaper opens the safe there's no need to see the last number of the combination, once you enter the first 3 you just have to push until the safe opens, this way the shopkeaper's animation can be skipped earlier


I was midly interested in speedrunning for quite some time, more on watching people speedrun than to do it myself (I've always hated the mental pressure of time in videogames) but lately I've been watching a lot of interesting videos (thanks to summoning salt) about the subject and it seems so much fun to speedrun that I decided I had to try.
I don't have much time at the moment but I hope I will improve my (incredibly unreliable) skills.
Ps. i almost forgot, for now I'm focusing on a game called Kororinpa, I remember trying to finish each level as fast as I could when I was younger and now that I'm slowly learning to speedrun it I'm having a lot of fun