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Thread: How rare is clicking frenzy

Started by: LenticularisLenticularis

I've done a good amount of runs and I've only gotten clicking frenzy once, is there anything that effects it? or am I just super unlucky. I know it's rare but just how rare, is it like 1/100?

Also it seems that "Lucky" is way more common than clicking frenzy


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: what video sharing sites are allowed?

Started by: LenticularisLenticularis

I know like YouTube is allowed to upload videos, but can you link to a video on ANY website? even including lesser known ones like Wevideo, and more? please let me know.


Forum: Cookie Clicker

Thread: how would you assign your mouse button to like the scroll wheel?

Started by: LenticularisLenticularis

I'm confused how do people do like "scroll-wheel" on fast click? is there a program, a setting in Cookie Clicker, like how?

and if there is a program can you tell me what it would be?


Forum: Cookie Clicker

Thread: Possible 100% Route?

Started by: PapayaJordanePapayaJordane

omg I'm to lazy to even spend more than an hour on a speedrun, how long would this take 5 days?

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