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Thread: Are runs still Being Accepted?

Started by: SpaceNegevSpaceNegev


I recently took over moderation for this board. My apologies for the delay, but runs will be verified in a reasonable time frame now. 🙂

As for the Switch release of PW, I think the game differs enough that it would make sense for the switch version to be it's own board.



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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

I'd like to request moderation on Penguin Wars ( )

The moderator has been inactive for 4 months now. I attempted to reach out to him at all of him listed contact methods a week ago, but there was no answer on any of them and all of the social media accounts appear to have inactive the same length of time or longer.
I'm also aware of at least one other pending run other than my own. I'm familiar with the run, and game boy speedrunning in general.


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Thread: I need help for found a speed run ;)

Started by: KyucraftKyucraft

The Game Boy has a large library of speedgames that are under 15 minutes; it may be worth looking at some of them to see what piques your interest.


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Thread: Bizhawk help...

Started by: LilJapKidLilJapKid


I would also like to encourage you away from Bizhawk for Game Boy speedruns. Both Gambatte and bgb have proven themselves to be more accurate emulators.
(Here are some empirical testing results from emulators last year: )

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Forum: Introductions

Thread: Hey guys im very new to speedrunning and thought i would give it a try!

Started by: RamenBoyRamenBoy

Hey Ramen,

Each game has it's own sub forum where you can ask specific game related questions.
(Sonic 3 & Knuckles:

Good luck with your runs.


Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: Emulation.

Started by: FaxiFaxi


I'm from the Game Boy speedrun community and can speed specifically to this.

Game Boy is lucky enough to have some very accurate emulators. 2 emulators, bgb and gambatte, are pretty much universally accepted among the game boy boards. Bizhawk running the gambatte core is also generally considered legal as well. (Emulator timing results: )

That being said, I prefer to run on console myself.

Hardware recording equipment:
You have 2 main options for GB runs on hardware;
-The Super Game Boy 2 (Japanese only, so likely has to be imported) and a SNES.
-The Game Boy Player, a Game Cube (Also recommended to run the custom GBi software in place of the GBP software)

You'd need either one of these, and also a composite capture card. The GVUSB-2 is the most common inexpensive cap card I see.
I believe the SGB2 route is the less expensive, but the GBi route allows you to play GBC and GBA games as well

I hope this helps.


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Thread: How was this site created?

Started by: ChutacoackoPlayzChutacoackoPlayz

Pac, the founder of the site, had made the jump to purchase the domain a bit after he started work on the site (It used to be under a different domain I think?)

He did an interview on a podcast, 'My Insane Pace' (Episode 11) where he goes over in pretty good detail the early days of the site.

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Thread: Category rules and newlines

Started by: LegsLegs

Thank God!

Thanks so much for the help, both of you. 🙂 I appreciate it a lot.


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Thread: Category rules and newlines

Started by: LegsLegs

The dracula one is untouched.
It was made before the game/category rules were separate tabs. So it just seems to 'still' work.
I believe editing it would break it (As it did with Alleyway)

Note that added a space after the dash only serves to turn it into an unordered list, which is not quite what I'm looking for:


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Thread: Category rules and newlines

Started by: LegsLegs

Hello, Im updating some of my boards rules and am having a formatting issue.

In the past, I could just press enter and newlines would render properly.
Dracula still acts properly: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​bram_stokers_dracula_gb/​full_game

You can see in the category rules that new lines are being displayed properly:

But when Im attempting to update Alleyway's game rules: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​alleyway/​full_game

Despite writing it the same:
They wont render:

Anyone know why this is? What happened to my breaks?


Forum: Kirby's Dream Land

Thread: Retrofreak?

Started by: MintKuroMintKuro

I believe the retrofreak uses VBA-M for game boy emulation; If that's the case, then it would be disallowed, as VBA-M is not allowed.

The game boy has some very accurate emulators, and as such, the less accurate ones are pretty much banned outright. So while I am not a mod, I wouldn't expect that to be allowed, as only gambatte, bgb, and bizhawk running the gambatte core are allowed for kdl.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: New to speed running

Started by: hippokittiehippokittie

You don't need to burn a disk; there are a number of ways to get GBi installed and booted.
From using other games (I know Melee has a way to do it) or using tools like the action replay.

It's not required for speedrunning with the game boy player, but if it's something you get seriously into it may be worth investing in.
I don't care much for picture clarity; but I personally find the input lag to be too bothersome on the GBP for speedrunning, but not everyone is as bothered by it.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: New to speed running

Started by: hippokittiehippokittie

Note on the GBP from someone in the Game Boy community.

It suffers from some poor graphical output, and has a known issue with input lag; but it's an issue with the software, and not the hardware.

So most people who use GBP instead of an SGB2 for hardware, install GBi as the software in place of the boot disk. This gives you improved image output, and reduced input lag.

You can read more here: https:/​/​www.​retrorgb.​com/​gameboyinterface.​html


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Thread: Question about forum posts

Started by: LegsLegs

Thank you, I'll get on the discord and reach out to some staff this evening.


Forum: Introductions

Thread: brand new speedrunner

Started by: EmulatorIsBadEmulatorIsBad

Yo! Noid II is a free fan made sequel to the NES Yo! Noid; that recently got a Game of A Year edition that added a lot.

It's a well developed speedrun that's got lots of interesting tech.
KB&M or controller, but if you use a controller you can analog dab with the right trigger.

It's available at


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Thread: Question about forum posts

Started by: LegsLegs


I run the Speedrun Weekly group that's had this thread for a couple years now ("").

Historically we would update the first post on that thread to show the current standings. However, staff and roles have changed over time, and we would have to bug Howden to have any changes made.

We could just delete the post, but we would lose the benefit of it being the first thing you see on the thread.

Would it be possible to change ownership of the post to me, or give me an option to insert a post as the first post? Something along those lines, maybe? I'm wanted to see if any staff knew before reaching out to Pac directly.

Thanks for any help.


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Thread: Stolen run

Started by: XenuKeyXenuKey

I looked at the videos side by side in premiere; Except for the very bad framerate and the video starting late and being cut short; they appear to be identical runs.
Have you brought it up with the mod of the game? I would suggest reaching out to them.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Retime runs on twitch

Started by: sushiw097sushiw097

The twitch leecher has a habit of downloading twitch vods in a variable framerate. I've had better experiences with jdownloader2, but even so in some cases I still had to encode the video again to a constant framerate in order to get an accurate time.

Something to keep in mind if you get unexpected results.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Running GB/GBC/GBA Games on mini-SNES

Started by: xNyuxNyu

I can only speak to GB, and not GBA/GBC games.

Given that Retroarch would be the emulator in question, it would almost certainly not be allowed.
We have very accurate emulators in bgb and gambatte, such that most other emulators are banned if they cannot produce accurate results. Retroarch has always run GB games about 0.4% too fast (I believe due to how it does v-sync).

So at least for most GB boards, the emulator would not be allowed.

Some testing results I did with RA and Marble Madness once: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​marblemadnessgameboy/​thread/​u3zzg
Some results from my GB emulator testing. Last tested V 1.7.7: http:/​/​sprintinglegs.​com/​emutiming/​results.​html

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Forum: Donkey Kong Land

Thread: Are SGB2 runs on NA SNES allowed?

Started by: GoldenBokochoGoldenBokocho


Sorry for the delay. 🙂

I do all my GB runs on a SGB2 in an NA SNES. So long as you're just cutting the tabs on your SNES, that's A-OK!


Also a side note about the SGB: We accept SGB2 and converted SGB1 times (; but we do not accept timing crystal modded SGB1s 🙂