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Thread: Ballance Discord

Started by: LeemyyLeemyy

If you have any questions or wanna learn more about the run head over to https://discord.gg/EvyZ3Nc


Forum: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Thread: All Collectibles vs. 100%

Started by: genesisprobegenesisprobe

I don't really know what 100% would entail, so I can't really give an educated answer. Do any of you know exactly what is required for 100%?


Forum: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Thread: Ledges that teleport Lara

Started by: AKheonAKheon

Hmm, it's definitely interesting.
Someone might have mentioned that ages ago (at least I seem to recall it now) but we kind of forgot about it.
I guess I'll be trying to grab all kinds of random ledges from now on 😛