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Thread: Is the site still slow for you when logged in?

Started by: LawliepopLawliepop

Hey All,
We've made some significant performance improvements in the last few hours, and the site should be much faster. That said, we're getting reports that some people are still experiencing a very slow site when logged in. (And a fast experience when logged out)

If you're seeing this please respond and let us know! We're trying to track down the issue with some specific accounts. Please make sure this issue is still occurring right now before posting. Thanks!

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Thread: Can we not hate on Elo?

Started by: [Deleted user]

Hey All,

Elo's CEO here. Just wanted to touch base and mention that I'm reading feedback consistently. FWIW Cam is a programmer who is currently actively working on the site. Our engineers aren't hired because of their desire to interact with the community, and it's not a job requirement. Posting in front of a large community is intimidating. I see people pick apart words online and it can be understandably stressful to write for an audience under those conditions.

When I see the negativity towards Elo it can be rough to read, but I also welcome it. Feedback is important and valuable. I think most people hold us to a high standard because they care so much about the community. When you make product decisions on a site used by so many people there is no correct answer for every problem you encounter. As a result you can't please every single user. I accept this as a core challenge to any website over a certain size.

I always say internally that SPEEDRUNNERS ARE METICULOUS. You're all so detail oriented; it's why you're able to develop such a deep understanding of games and find glitches. It's something I love about the community and sometimes that microscope gets turned on the site/company. Some great feedback and ideas come out from you all as a result. I just want to thank those of you who take the time to write up feedback here.

I appreciate the patience from everyone on site updates. Often changes that seem simple are extremely complex since the code base is old and full of technical debt. Sometimes we can't address everything we planned on all at once. That said I want to speed up the rate of updates, and have the community see more iterative changes.

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Thread: Questions for ELO management

Started by: AmeiAmei

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Also apologies on my vague answer that was really northern hemisphere biased.

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Thread: Questions for ELO management

Started by: AmeiAmei

I'm Elo's CEO, not the Product Owner. We tend to want to avoid giving estimates because we don't want to disappoint people when things take longer than expected. We want to get mod tools out this summer, but that is a completely unqualified estimate since I didn't consult with the team working on it. Please don't punish them if things end up taking longer than expected. They've been working really hard to make sure everything is well planned and executed well.

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Thread: Questions for ELO management

Started by: AmeiAmei

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1) Why was an open feedback & support forum partially replaced with a private support hub? How does ELO feel in regards to transparency with community issues?
Multiple reasons. We wanted to share things internally in similar ways that we gather feedback on some of our other sites. This makes it easier internally to route issues to the appropriate channels and teams if needed. Additionally, some people might give more honest feedback if it’s in a private forum rather than having to post it in a public place open to scrutiny. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from the new method and appreciate everyone who has taken the time to share their thoughts.

2) What are the future monetization plans for the site and why was the introduction of ads announced inside an unrelated update?
Currently Speedrun.com gets all of it’s monetization from web advertising. With the introduction of ads we’ve seen people asking for a premium monetization option that removes ads. We have a premium offering on one of our other products (Dotabuff) and it’s something we’ve discussed on Speedrun.com. I think one of the things that is really important to us is that the core functionality on SRC stays free and accessible. Additionally we don’t want to give any advantages to people who pay or anything along those lines. We’re still figuring out if there is even a viable angle that meets all of those criteria. On most of our sites we haven’t built a premium offering because we weren’t able to find a good balance of those values.
The introduction of ads were announced in an unrelated update because they launched at the same time.

3) What vision does ELO have for the future of the site past 2021?
We want to see speedrunning grow and be a part of that growth. Speedrun.com provides tools for communities to organize around speedrunning. There are no current plans to move away from that focus, and there is plenty to do to improve the site with that in mind. A large part of our focus so far has been on improving site health and stability, and we viewed the instability as something that was holding back the growth of speedrunning communities. We also want to find additional ways to improve the site. A lot of people use Speedrun.com and have for years so we’re cognizant that dramatic changes can be disruptive to how people currently use the site. At the same time there are a lot of improvements we want to make, such as improving moderation tools.

4) Why were site statistics removed? Will new or existing features be given a paywall?
The statistics page was removed for performance reasons and we don’t currently have plans to bring it back. We are considering bringing back site and speedrun community statistics in a more efficient and useful format.
No plans to have existing features behind a paywall. If we were ever to introduce new features behind a paywall it would be important that it didn’t impact the core functionality of the site or give users an advantage over others in some way. (see my answer to 2)

5) What are the plans in regards to handling site data? How will ELO handle backups for data and will submission backup data be available to the relevant communities? Having to rely on the existing API is far from an ideal solution.
We think one of our core missions and roles at Elo and specifically with Speedrun.com is to preserve gaming history. That’s very important to us. We use industry best practices for making sure the site data is backed up and reliable. We don’t currently have plans to add anything beyond the API. If you want to suggest what an ideal solution would look like, it would be helpful to understand what you’re imagining. But to be upfront it probably won’t be a priority in the short term.

6) Any plans on changing the current API? Again, will this be publicly available for all or should we expect a future paywall?
No plans for any major changes with the API. We have occasionally turned things off with the API for performance reasons. Broadly speaking we have been prioritizing keeping the site up over other uses, including the API.

7) How does ELO plan to use SRC's social media & Twitch platforms?
I don’t have a great answer to this question but I would love to see additional social media activity from us. I would love to hear from the community what they want to see. Have you enjoyed the written content and how do you think we should be contributing to the community more on these platforms?

Additional questions from other users:

8.) By default ELO collects cookies under the guise of “Legitimate Interest”. What info is being collected?
Posted by the user 1.

We only use cookies for things directly related to interacting with the site - signing in, dark mode preference, etc. 3rd parties (ex Amazon, Google) also use their own cookies for advertising purposes. Elo takes privacy seriously and support industry efforts to reduce the use of personal information in advertising. A good example of that is the privacy oriented features that Apple demoed at WWDC on Monday. We actively don’t want to collect any personal information if we don’t need to.

9) As a EU citizen, how can i request access to any collected data and information about how that data is processed, as stated by Article 15 of the GDPR?
Posted by the user shenef.
We’re working on a solution where people can do this directly on the site from their profile settings. In the interim you can email support.

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Thread: Speedrun.com is under new ownership

Started by: PacPac

If you’re not familiar with Elo, we’re a small company that was founded back in 2012. All three of our founders have a passion for games, and we started this company trying to build authentic and useful products for gamers. None of our founders have college degrees or formal business backgrounds, just an eye for problem-solving some of the issues players face when they’re trying to dive deeper into a game. We’re excited to start supporting the speedrun community.

At Elo, we have historically aimed to do two things. First, we want to empower players to make better decisions with data, the way we have with sites like Overbuff and Dotabuff. We hope that we can make speedrunning more approachable and accessible to a wider audience by making information easier to find. Second, we want to preserve history and memories. We take it very seriously that speedrun.com has an important role in gaming history and want to support that.

On a personal note, I am continually inspired by the speedrunning community’s ability to be collaborative and positive. I‘ve spent a lifetime in love with games, and speedrunning is one of the highest expressions of love for a game. It’s always a joy to watch a speedrun where there is such an intimate understanding of a game. I am so excited to see the speedrunning community grow.

You can read more about our plans for SR.C here: https://www.speedrun.com/news

Cofounder and CEO
Elo Entertainment

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