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Thread: Looking for a new game

Started by: LawVLawV

Hi, I'm looking for a new game to run. Preferably N64 since my computer was grown in the potato fields of Ireland. I've played the classics like most Mario and Zelda games, and my main game that I run has been running weird on my PC so I'm taking a break from it. I'd like something that has some cool routes or glitches, maybe some platforming, and about a 20 to 40 minute run length. Community size isn't important. Any suggestions?

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Forum: Conflict: Desert Storm

Thread: About training

Started by: Anton103Anton103

Can you send a link to a clip or something about this. I've played training on PC and Emulator several times and I have never encountered this. Maybe try reinstalling the game as if this happens consistently you might have corrupted files.


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Thread: Looking for a PC Speedrun game

Started by: sotz33sotz33

Conflict: Desert Storm IL's are fun and are between 2-9 min


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Thread: Small community looking for runners?

Started by: SeydieSeydie

Conflict: Desert Storm only has one active runner so it could use some people to run it as it is still heavily unoptimized. The game can be pirated or bought on Steam though it's not very short around an hour fifteen minutes to an hour and a half run but to me it's really fun to look for faster routes.

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Thread: Game Logo and Background

Started by: LawVLawV

Hi. I have two questions.
First, why whenever I update the game page's background it often reverts to the previous one used, even when I completely delete the theme and start fresh. Same for logo.
Second, about the logo. What is a good image size so that it will appear clear and aesthetically pleasing. I see some of the popular games on the site have very nice custom logos that are well sized. I'm going for something like that.
Thanks in advance.


Forum: Conflict: Desert Storm

Thread: In game time or RTA?

Started by: ChazbChazb

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Yeah i was thinking the same thing as it is essentially a segmented run in just one recording. I've been trying to make an autosplitter that removes load time to make it accurate since my load times change depending on settings but not sure if I can get it done. I'd suggest either making a limit on restarts per level/different category or just make a rule that requires runners (only me atm lol) to add any time they restarted to the final in game timer which I feel is the easiest solution. That or RTA without loads but until an autosplitter is made I'll have to go back and recalculate the load time.
Really enjoy speedrunning this game and glad mod wants to improve its quality 🙂


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Thread: Unexplained Game Physics

Started by: LawVLawV

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I run Conflict: Desert Storm on PC and there are a few times where you can abuse the geometry in game to skip parts of levels. Thing is it works sometimes and other times it doesn't even come close to working, and it seems to depend on the game settings I choose before opening the game. Anyone have any idea how the Graphics setting could effect this? Just lost a lot of time in the middle of a run cuz I had to reroute since the trick didn't work 🙁


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Newcomer

Started by: VanerekVanerek

Best of luck in your runs


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Thread: Games that have potential to have large skips but havent been run yet

Started by: WurtweakleWurtweakle

I run Conflict: Desert Storm and despite being a 3rd person shooter the geometry of levels and some possible glitches make it potentially possible to skip sections of levels or even get straight to the end of certain levels. I haven't been able to pull any off yet though.