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More hits registered = more damage per swipe = the 120 FPS knife "does more damage". Just because the knife's damage value doesn't go up at 120 FPS doesn't mean it isn't doing more damage every time you press the attack button. There's no illusion to that - it's hitting more times per swipe, so it's doing more damage overall unless your knife aim is sloppy.

We're all on the same page, it's just a semantics thing. I get picky about these things as someone with a technical writing background, my bad. 😛


>The knife doesn’t do more damage, the game just checks to see if the knife has hit something (I’m not 100% on this). With 120 FPS, it checks (I’m assuming double) more frequently than 60 FPS, giving the illusion as if it’s doing more damage when it’s not. It’s just hitting the object more times than on 60 FPS.

So if 120 FPS knife hits more than 60 FPS knife, how is that not the knife doing more damage? (I know what you're saying, it's just phrased really weird.)


If you set up the autosplitter correctly, it'll split for you.


Built into livesplit, just turn it on and check the relevant splits for that route.


Hey all, noticed in Resources that nobody has given out premade splits yet. These are helpful for new runners since it gives you a direction and saves you the trouble of making your own splits, and saves existing runners the trouble of typing a lot if they're picking up a new category that doesn't mirror existing splits. Dat lowered barrier of entry, amirite?

Make sure to set your variables accordingly: New Game/NG+, Difficulty, FPS, and system - Character will be correct for obvious reasons, but everything else is set to NG, Standard, 120 because that's what I play. The splits don't change between difficulties and NG/NG+ so there's nothing amiss there - just want to make sure you're saving the right stuff in the right files.

There's a LOT of splits. I don't personally use Subsplits for RE2make, but if you do, these can be easily modified for it (if you use it, you probably know how to do it). It's quite nice if you use Also means there's a lot of button pressing if you don't have the autosplitter, so sorry, console crowd. shrug

I also have SpeedGuidesLive notes for the A scenarios if anyone uses the plugin and is interested. I haven't sat down and made any for B yet.


Feel free to yell at me if I screwed anything up. I haven't actually done a Claire B run yet so I'm not 100% sure on the route, I'm just going off memory from watching a few others stream it.

Mods: feel free to toss this in Resources if you see fit to do so.


The general route is exactly the same, yes. Boss strats are slightly different due to the knife being less OP (but still very good) at 60fps.

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Did you configure it?


You're not supposed to open it. Livesplit uses it to read the memory values to activate the splits.


Is there even a way ingame to tell what version you're on? I honestly haven't looked for a version number on the main menu.


It should be an option in your emulator's input settings if it's supported by your emulator.


Because I don't care that they're banned. But I'm not interested in running with mods either way, so why would I do the work?


You haven't provided any evidence that they don't.

Since you're obviously not going to do the work, the discussion is pointless.


You mean, they did their homework, figured out what was going on, and made a change the entire community wanted once they knew how to do it properly?

surprised Pikachu

Again, why aren't you doing this for RE2 since you're so hellbent on it?


Well, as already cited, the Roses & Wine music mod for FF8 totally screwed up that speedrun, and that's just supposed to be a music swap. So what leads you to believe that a character swap would have ZERO impact on the game, when there's evidence otherwise?

Just run the game modded and don't upload times, since you're so hellbent on doing it but don't want to prove that nothing ingame is affected by it. You're the one that wants to do it, so regardless of where burden of proof falls, the audience of people who actually care is, currently, you and you alone.


>Macros are not mods. Cheats are not mods. People who are "trivializing gameplay" are not playing with mods, they are cheating.

Except it was 100% allowed and within the terms of use of the game at the time. So you'd be stupid not to use them since they gave such a large advantage? So EVERYONE used them, and it made the game terribly uninteresting unless your idea of raiding was hitting a 1 button macro for your entire DPS rotation, or clicking on Healbot to keep the entire raid alive without any thought. If it's supported in the game, by default, is it cheating? No, it's not. What started off as a few proof of concepts and interesting projects turned into the game basically playing itself - the community was given an inch, took several miles, and in the end Blizzard had to come out and flat say "this isn't how our game is supposed to be played" and made sweeping changes to the backend that lets mods hook into the game, and put relatively severe restrictions on what you could and couldn't do with a macro.

We're avoiding that entire debacle by just saying "no mods, period" as a community. I already said that if someone was willing to do the work and prove that mods don't mess with the game in a funny way, I'd be willing to entertain the thought. And since you're the only person vocal about it right now, and you have experience modding, you seem like the best guy for the job. Prove that character swaps and whatnot don't negatively impact the game as a speedrun so we can all make an educated and informed decision, instead of whining about how we're all clinging to the past because many of us either come from or know of communities where seemingly harmless modifications have had unintended side effects on the speedrun.


Ban it for this board, add NG+ to category extensions if enough people actually want to run it.

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@Dagger while I appreciate your point, I contend that DMX should be okay with it, because copyright claims and DMCAs over a music clip is the least gangsta thing possible, and as I understand it, that is probably not how Ruff Ryders roll.

Capcom has referenced it on Twitter, so they're aware. Maybe we'll get it as an official DLC for April Fool's Day or something. shrug


>In all my years creating, installing and playing with mods I have never seen one cause "unknown side effects".

Meanwhile, I've been playing WoW for a decade and a half and distinctly remember entire gameplay systems being redesigned because ingame macros and mods were trivializing gameplay and putting unnecessary stress on the servers. I also distinctly remember crashing Morrowind and Oblivion with mods, and those games support them.

As for the argument in favor of bucking the status quo, I'm against that. The assumption that everyone is running an unmodified game hasn't steered the community wrong yet, and I don't see any valid reason to start allowing mods just because one person wants them. And unlike science, politics, and religion, this is something that has literally no real world impact, so I'm not sure why you think that this is at all related to the advancement of humanity. Not once in history have video games had any impact on a world-changing event, much less being allowed to modify video games for literally no reason other than "I want the actual Claire PSX model".


Nobody here is denying anyone the ability to replace a character model and run the game. They just can't submit runs to this leaderboard, because that's what the agreed upon rules are.

Personally I think it's something worth revisiting once we know more about how mods in general interact with the rest of the game (especially audio stuff because I kinda need Mr. X Gonna Give It To Ya). The entire point of enforcing a "no mods" policy is to ensure everyone is running under exactly the same conditions, and if mods like graphics and audio swaps only change the way in which you're experiencing those conditions, they should be fair game IMO. But as @Soulless_Persona pointed out, you're opening Pandora's Box the instant you open the door to any mods, and frankly I don't think there's enough interest in model/audio swaps for someone to do the work to see if those impact any other factors in the game.

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Late to the party, but it's almost mandatory for controller runners so you can use A and S to do stuff without using controller and keyboard.


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