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There is an any% and 100% why not low%? it would mean doing alot more routing and would need alot more skill as you cant collect powerups not even stars (which makes 8-8 harder).

i want to hear your responses.


@Mishu low% is very challenging and yes I did 100% do it I just can't send my 3Ds down to like a company to get a capture card drilled into it so until I get the Vc version on wiiu I will be unable to record my speed runs but my runs are 100% legit

I didn't 100% the game I just beat it as fast as I could and I think if some one who is good at the game could run low% your time would probably be around late 30mins early 40mins only reason why it took my over an hour was because I died a lot and had 2 game overs 1 on 8-1 and 1 on 8-5


We have a deal koffing


finnally there is a run of low%

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@koffingrockz can we add australia% its like any% but can only be played on australia day and only aussie can run it

PS. Dont actually add Australia% unless you add America% same thing but 4th of july and only americans

PPS. dont add any of them actually


I attempted all levels but failed miserable on 7-2 yeah low% sounds real fun so full game catagory?


@koffingrockz sorry for late reply how did I read all of that and also amazingly you are right about the 96 exit thing and I completely understand what you are saying


Cannonless main category and when will some one do an all levels run!


All exits and Any% Sw is great so you can count those 2 to have vote
If any% SW is a catagory than we may consider making a route that is good for it


@Mishu thanks for the advice


@koffingrockz i have been doing cannonless for a while but i cannot get sub 1 hour times my pb as of the first of january is 1:01:09.32


koffingrockz if you make it can i be on the couch

mishu what about cannonless or nosecretexits


Koffing you would need people to talk about the strats we now use then we did in 2013
Also they have two wii us so we are in good hands
I'd put my hand up to talk about but it would cost a bit of money to fly me down from Australia and also I will only be around about 14 15ish


As i watched agdq 2016 i wondered when was the last time they played NSMB in a gdq. lol it was 2013. So i was thinking should we attempt to get NSMB on sgdq 2016 yes or no

if you dont know what agdq or sgdq is it is a marathon where they speedrun for charity
agdq = awesome games done quick
sgdq = summer games done quick


I under stand what your saying koffingrockz but what i am saying is that we should have like an all exits in nsmb like the 96 exit of smw


I was thinking maybe we should have an all exits category, i am thinking you must find all secret exits in the game before you can complete the game, basically what i am saying is that we should have a category like all levels but not play the star coins ones and finding all the exits. Give me your ideas plz


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