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2 controllers 1 person


Its dependent on what console you play on.

Because the ds is the original console it is played on that is pretty much the middle ground. Coincidentally it is also the slowest of the 3 so times must be added onto any WiiUVC run or emulator run.

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I have a definitive answer. The opening cutscene from file select to first input goes for 1:47.10.
The loading time from file select to first input is 5.04 seconds there fore
if we were to start from first input I recommend starting from file select with -5.04 on the timer that way you start at 0 when you first move in the over world
but if we were to continue having the run start with the cutscene then I recommend starting at file select again but with the timer starting at 1:42.06 that way when you first move in the overworld the timer hits 1:47.10


Alrighty I did a bit of testing with loading times and here's what I came up with

First: The opening cutscene goes for around 1:47.16 Im still unsure however because it is so difficult to see

Second: The loading time from first selection to first imput minus opening cutscene is about 5.04. I thought this would be useful because in NSMB 2 the game starts on first imput so most people just start the timer on file select with a -3.27 however in our case it would be -5.04

Update: Under closer examination the opening cutscene actually goes for somewhere inbetween 1:46.95 and 1:47.05


Ill test it a bunch to see what the actual time is


well I have a follow up to this the timer would need to start at 1:47. something


Its come to my attention that starting a run at the select screen is very obnoxious because of the cutscene

so I propose we start on first imput idk wether to make the timer start later or not

the timer would start some where near 1:48 if we were to start later

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on what you said the timing is wrong given the fact that yad time and even if it is a fraction of a second it adds up in the long run therefore making it highly favourable to run on wiivc or emu.


what I’m saying is that the additions only account for every loading time based on a good run with n deaths if say someone got 2 deaths than that would render the addition obsolete. Therefore actually making running DS unfair. So a solution for this is just to give the rule to people who are going for world record or fast paced runs. Btw you can never have too many mods NSMB 2 has like 6 mods and it’s more dead than this.


As I stated before the columns for times is incorrect, if the RTA time is in the time without loads column than the time is there for incorrect because that is a time with loads. Inaccuracy is had when you are adding times because there is no way that the 45 and 38 second additions are consistent. Back when I previously ran this game mishu created a spreadsheet that had all the loading times within it, therefor we were able to accurately record runs. As stated by ILSMB high level runs would be retimed by mods and we run into another problem. Koffingrockz is an innactive mod because he hasnt touched this game in almost a year so you should really get more mods, Id say you make ILSMB a mod because he has definitely dedicated alot of time to this game so he definitely deserves it.


The current timing system is wrong

why, well when timing with out loads we are removing loading times from the game completely so we can get consistent times for each system. However, how we currently time the game we put our full rta times (with loads) as time without loads and then we add more time dependent on what system you run on. This is inaccurate because not only are we increasing the actually time of the run but we are also making it biased for ds because there is no time increase. To make the timing more accurate we either have to remove time based on loads or just make it strictly ds (which I dont like to say) like in luigis mansion.


alrighty then @Mishu

- i have completed world 1 once
- going for 1 cycle is risky and hard
- lvl 1-2 use mushroom from end of 1-1 to speed up the part before the 1 block small gap (before the first spiny thing)


@MyLittleWalrus as soon as I press a to get into the first level I count 10 seconds and then jump on 10 and then wait for the mushroom to hit me then continue on till the mega mushroom (because it's safe) get that then complete the level. That's the first level


Yeah I need help getting the rest of the game p.s. I run on 3DS


Hey guys I came up with a new category blindfolded% I am in the middle of creating a good way to play blindfolded I currently have done level 1-1 and am in the middle of creating level 1-2 route

Key things to remember
- play in silence
- red boxes move faster based on where they are on the screen e.g. You'll know if the box went on level 1-2
- power ups make different sounds e.g. 1ups sound is different to the other power ups except midget and giant
- if using counting strats, start counting when you press a button and not a sound

Leave good routes for the other levels all help would be great and hopefully sometime we'll be able to do a full blindfolded run.


Hey @DeathJohnson thx for the advice


Ok 🙁 that's sad for me I'll probably never be able to run this game well at least I tried


If loading time is your problem then why don't you do what we did with nsmb? we had a problem with wiiuvc and emulator but we came up with somethings.


Thanks man is it ok to run on emulator?


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