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Yes we understand that you can't 100% anything with nabbit however, src does not allow us to turn off the subcategory for another certain sub category so for now we state in the rules that you cannot do 100% with nabbit.

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karl why did you take the kids?

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I don’t want this argument going any further so I’m locking this thread. If @Lusonice2021 created another thread I am deleting it instantly. As for the ban, eevee warned you land you continued to act immaturely so she just banned you after asking the rest of the mods if we should.

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Im confused with what you mean firstly. Secondly why are you complaining about the guides if you havent looked at one of them, you havent put any context into anything whatso ever

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Might I add that when the leaderboards first came out, you started spamming the guides with dumb nsmbudx tutorials that, when opened, said something stupid like "just go fast". Complaining that there are no guides for this game is incredibly immature, if you had actually looked you would see 2 guides for both nsmbudx and nsludx created by mchan and I in which we spent hours and even days creating.

So why dont you pack up your attitude and go someplace else.

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I thought of this idea a couple years ago with the DS title however, it is not really a good idea because some exits (such as 2-4 secret) cannot be accessed in low%. The idea of making it more challenging doesn't do much in regards to it either, using the penguin suit to speed up levels is already challenging in it of itself because sliding on non-ice platforms kills your speed so you need to jump very often. Other things such as vertical climbing is also challenging to optimize with acorn suit. Staying small mario just to challenge yourself in that terms is a bit counter intuitive because technically no its not anymore challenging to optimize something by restricting yourself in that means.

You should also think about joining the discord server the mods and everyone else are always willing to answer questions and you will hear a response much quicker than the forums. Link is here:

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Idk and also please use the discord if you have any questions

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for any inquires please do use the discord all the mods are ready to listen and very friendly thank you 🙂


Please the discord for any inquiries the mods are alot more active there


its a bit rough around the edges thats all e.g. the top of the 'new' logo is cut off and the joycons are a bit rough apart from that its fine

Also with any further inquiries please join the discord server:


Give it a bit of a polish up and I’ll definitely add it


All levels is just a few levels off all castles which means there is no point in doing all levels then. Plus all castles is a long enough category as it is for the games, if you wanna play all levels why not try 100%.

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If you need any help with anything join the discord everyone there is very knowledgeable of the game and willing to help

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Wow, a name I havent seen in a while

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If this were to become a category it would probably be called All exits just due to the nature of what you said. Honestly this category doesnt seem 100% necessary in my mind because it just seems like we are setting up a mid way between All Castles and 100% which idk about you but All Castles was already the mid way between Any% and 100%


2 controllers 1 person


Its dependent on what console you play on.

Because the ds is the original console it is played on that is pretty much the middle ground. Coincidentally it is also the slowest of the 3 so times must be added onto any WiiUVC run or emulator run.

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I have a definitive answer. The opening cutscene from file select to first input goes for 1:47.10.
The loading time from file select to first input is 5.04 seconds there fore
if we were to start from first input I recommend starting from file select with -5.04 on the timer that way you start at 0 when you first move in the over world
but if we were to continue having the run start with the cutscene then I recommend starting at file select again but with the timer starting at 1:42.06 that way when you first move in the overworld the timer hits 1:47.10


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