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I don't see them

Grand Theft Auto: Category Extensions and Multi-GTA Runs don't appears to me


@Faschz I think it's already done

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What a good timing !
I wanted to suggest it, but you did before me (Under the bridge).


Yep, Super Mario Bros.


You are talking about your run I guess. It never happened to me, not yet.


Farming Simulator 2017


Traffic on GTA games is pretty RNG

I'm not sure for him. He posted useless tutorials for GTA 5 Online on the GTA forums and some advertising for his YouTube channel through.


Calibri or Cambria

EDIT : I use Chalkboard SE too


Ok, I will wait for GTA 6 then


Should I buy this game ?




My preference, but maybe not the one recommended, is reset to the first error. Each run completed, is a run of satisfaction for me, because it means that very little or no error has infiltrated my run.

The disadvantage, is a huge number of attemps. It is not uncommon for me to do the same run for several weeks, but never finish it. Just because a stupid mistake slips into it.

Not always mistakes I made. It could be a slowdown of my vehicle, reset. A slow animation, reset. The least second of difference, reset.

My situation may be different from yours too, I run the ILs, where small differences really matter.

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It's possible for Fortnite: Save the World.

But for Fortnite: Battle Royale, I don't know.


Fastest Top 1


pingjizhuanjia3 soon ? We will see.


I didn't know you could be so rude between you all...


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