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Thread: New site layout!

Started by: PacPac

Are custom game themes supposed to only work in night mode?


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Thread: Why glitchless all the sudden?

Started by: ClumsyNonameClumsyNoname

because several people with runs wanted it up, and I thought why not. You can submit a time too if you want.

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Thread: Archived Max Quests runs

Started by: KungkobraKungkobra

Due to recent discoveries the maximum amount of quests completable in one playthrough is 95, and so the current runs on the board does not fulfill the requirements.

I've decided to post these runs here after deleting them because srcom doesn't have a good archiving system.

The runs below are (93) quest runs.

1st place: kungkobra with 3h 13m 10s w/o loads.

Comment: are you proud of me b1g_red?
Played on PC on 2017-05-01


2nd place: Swags_The_Dog with 3h 52m 47s w/o loads.

Comment: Still plenty of time to save but i'm happy for now. woof woof.
Played on PC on 2016-01-11


3rd place: b1g_red with 4h 26m 10s w/o loads.

Comment: Good enough for me
Played on PC on 2016-06-21

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Thread: Help with Player/NPC interations


To avoid Neil the mutant, punch the air for a bit and follow the pathing I use in my run.
To avoid the NCR guy at the station either punch the air or be quick on the left side.
To avoid Vulpes on the strip simply run around him. You can not outrun the NCR messenger, he's simply faster than you.
If Yes Man isn't in front of The Tops, that means that you did not talk to Swank and pass the 3 Speech checks with him.

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Thread: Sex% glitch

Started by: GoudurixGoudurix

step one pick up a cone
step two put cone under your feet
step three stand against a wall and hold backwards
step four pray that the cone orientation is good enough and shoot through the ceiling


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Thread: any% glitchless run rules?

Started by: ZumizumoiZumizumoi

aren't glitches also features in the game? hmm


Forum: Fallout 4

Thread: any% glitchless run rules?

Started by: ZumizumoiZumizumoi

why would you not be allowed to use the pipboy? it's a core gameplay mechanic where you manage inventory and fast travel from


Forum: Fallout 4

Thread: any% glitchless run rules?

Started by: ZumizumoiZumizumoi

what do you need clarified? seems pretty clear to me


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Thread: Adding any% glitchless category

Started by: TheNinthThoughtTheNinthThought

a guy did that once yes

didn't last long though because it's pretty awful


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Thread: Interresting glitches that aren't really applicable to the run

Started by: JinjeniaJinjenia
If you use a stimpak and get hit by an enemy at the right time (I got hit by a bloodfly in the video) it will cancel the animation before finishing but the game will not let you do any other actions with hotkeys until you stimpak again from the pipboy.


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Thread: FPS cap

Started by: IGoSlowIGoSlow

showing the fps counter is not required, just mke sure its capping


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Thread: Downpatch to 1.06

Started by: blaskoczenblaskoczen

Late reply, but aside from pirating the game you can utilize the steam console to download an old version of the game.
You can follow this guide to get an understanding:

Unfortunately you'll need to download like 4 different depots to get the full game from there, and do them 1 at the time.

The depots you need to enter into the steam console for version 1.06 ( steam://nav/console ) are:

"download_depot 292030 292031 3519552204180960943" - The main game content, 21 GB

"download_depot 292030 292032 5581545344224381637" - Binaries etc. 43 MB

"download_depot 292030 292036 3833180871811184593" - English voice files, 2.8 GB

"download_depot 292030 292042 5236853520924712908" - 1.06 witcher3.exe, 43 MB

Now I'm sure if you need to replace everything or just the witcher3.exe for it to work, but I replaced all of the folders in \content\ with the ones I downloaded anyway. After replacing everything I got it to work.


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Thread: Add No Kills Category?

Started by: JacketsJackets

The only thing you kill in a normal speedrun is the radroach and yourself, and if you would skip killing the radroach you would have to complete the game as a baby since the 10 year old character cannot press the required buttons to finish the game.

While the baby run makes for a good laugh one time, it's hardly considered fun nor competitive to walk slowly for an hour through the wasteland.

So this is probably a no.

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Thread: All Unique Weapons Glitchless?

Started by: MalynMalyn

I am not going to add a category until there is a video of a run already made, or a solid route posted. That said, glitchless categories are slow and boring, especially for this game.


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Thread: External game speed manipulation quick explanation

Started by: RanarithRanarith

Yes, most of the time your walking speed will be fine if you externally cap with dxtory, just like in New Vegas. Download the "Speedtest Save" from the resource section and check if you complete it in roughly 2:38 like the description says.

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Thread: Crash issues while glitching

Started by: OrodrakeOrodrake

Crashing is unfortunately a side effect from the duct taped mess of an engine bethesda made. Reload dashing is loading a lot of the map too quickly for the engine to handle sometimes and hence freezes. If you can find a mod that can prevent freezing, do let us know and I'll consider allowing use of it.

If your game crashes outright to desktop when menuing, it might be because you clicked enter twice to unequip your weapon. That is a known glitch and can be prevented by just tapping enter once.


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Thread: Autosplits

Started by: TinybotTinybot

There is no autosplitter available for this game. There is only load removal available, splitting is done manually.

In case you're wondering how to actually set up livesplit, I threw together a 2 minute mspaint guide:

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