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Thread: What is the best flavor of pizza?

Started by: hot_temmiehot_temmie

I am a bad, terrible, and evil person for feeling this way, but I feel that plain cheese is the best. I am also partial to sausage and jalapenos though. Not a total monster.


Forum: Dangerous Streets

Thread: General FAQ

Started by: KrayzarKrayzar

Okay, so this is a weird one, so here's a FAQ:



Why these specific Emulation settings for DOS?

This game runs terribly on x86 computers from this era (1994), so the compromise I made was emulating it at speeds from later generation PCs (1997-1999) that would allow it to run similar to the Amgia CD32 version, which is probably the most well known version.

This at least makes it not an entirely awful experience to speedrun, and seems to be more inline with the developer's intent. There's never been an official release of this game on any modern store like Steam or GoG to look to, so the best I can do is assign an arbitrary CPU setting for runs.

I watched game play from the Amiga CD32 version and attempted to replicate the speed of that game in DOSBOX, which seems to be around 20,000 Cycles.

However, I know even authentic Amiga hardware had many revisions, much like x86 machines of the era, and many supported this game albeit at lower speeds. Likewise, running this on real era accurate x86 (DOS) hardware would also be at lower speeds than what you'd see with the accepted DOSBOX settings.

I'm not terribly sure how to handle this, all things considered. If we do ever have folks doing attempts on real hardware, I suppose we could break things down a bit to machine types, but I'm inclined to leave things simple. If someone manages to get this running on real hardware, it's an achievement in itself, but I suppose we could at least separate higher end x86 and the CD32 from the lower end Amiga and x86 hardware just to make it interesting.

Another thing I haven't done enough reading on is Amiga and CD32 emulation. Getting the most accurate experience isn't terribly high on the priorities list, but making sure that it's at least functional and not too different is something I want to do.


Why are runs done on HARD?

Simply put, it's the only difficulty setting with any challenge to it. If we have more folks interested in running on EASY, or there ends up being something interesting about the settings on different versions, things could be broken out.


Are the streets in this game really that dangerous?

No, no they are not.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions!

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Thread: Best Capture Cards for the Switch?

Started by: LuckyWeatherXenoChuLuckyWeatherXenoChu

Take a read through this thread:

TL;DR: I recently got an Elgato HD60S refurbished for around 70$ and it's been treating me well so far.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Mod looking for advice with rules for a game. Was told to ask here or contact a global mod

Started by: Wakonow2Wakonow2

You could also separate the game into two categories, any% and any% (no restarts). More concerning is the fact that there are some platforms that I'd think can't replicate the PC version's closing time saves.

Considering how few runners there are, I'd look to solving the most obvious problem that might prevent folks from submitting runs in the first place rather than wading into the minutiae of loads on single platforms.

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Thread: Bots deletion thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Bot that keeps repeating text from earlier in the thread. Probably gonna edit in links in a day or so.

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Thread: Good AV Splitter for Recording?

Started by: UnbonesUnbones

Seconded! That's the same one I use and it's great! No input lag.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Console clones such as Mega SG

Started by: TheLetterTenTheLetterTen

Yes, the MegaSG might get counted as emulation in a lot of communities, but there's nothing wrong with emulation!

Especially when it's as accurate as the MegaSG. The important part is if it allows you to play the game more comfortably. FPGA hardware has some unique advantages over traditional hardware and emulation in terms of input latency and compatibility with modern TVs. If there's no real difference to you in terms of real hardware versus emulation, you're really good at adjusting to latency, or the considerable cost is too high knowing all of this, then perhaps the MegaSG doesn't make sense to buy.

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Forum: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom : Ultimate All-Stars

Thread: A category excluding the big characters might be fun.

Started by: KrayzarKrayzar

Hey @Sora-AruzakySora-Aruzaky (and other runners!) - figured I'd try an @ as I don't know how often you check things. What does everyone think about @obiiwanobiiwan 's (and my own) suggestions?


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: macros?

Started by: SixfySixfy

Usually no. There are some very rare exceptions in certain games, mostly where it's a game feature.

I would ask on the game's forums to be sure. There's forums for each game in their section.

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Thread: Bots deletion thread

Started by: GyooGyoo


Yet another one of those one bots that edit in links a few days after sign up. Take a look at the first post now.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Bots deletion thread

Started by: GyooGyoo


Looks like this is one of those bots that edit in links a few days after sign up.

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Thread: Capture card for use with NEC XM29 Plus

Started by: apathy0308apathy0308

The NEC XM29 Plus does have output connectors, but I believe it's only via BNC style connectors, not like the one VGA style connector it has that they seem to be using. I have one and can check when I get home. They'd need to buy a SCART to BNC breakout, which is probably cheaper then the splitters actually.

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Thread: Any Anime Fans Here?

Started by: Patrick_BarrettPatrick_Barrett

I'm a bit of a hipster when it comes to anime I feel like, but here's my favorites... maybe someone will find one of these interesting:

Ergo Proxy - The atmosphere is delightfully dark, and the story is thought provoking. Every time I watch it, I notice something new.

Serial Experiments Lain - A work so dense I wrote a college paper on it. It hit upon a lot of modern technological anxieties before they even existed.

Big O - Okay, so what if Batman's mask was a giant robot, and all the giant robots were a metaphor? Also, a perfect blend of gothic and art deco styled visuals.

Cybersix - This is a stretch considering it was a Canadian/US adaptation of a very mature (and sometimes off-putting) Argentinian comic that somehow got green lit as a Saturday morning kids cartoon, but it was animated in Japan I believe. It's a relatively faithful adaption that fixes a lot of problems with the source material too. It was unfortunately cancelled after only a single season, but it was way ahead of it's time in a lot of ways.

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Forum: Introductions

Thread: Hello there people

Started by: emmie796emmie796

You are welcome regardless, no runs required. Most folks tend to specialize anyways, so focusing on one game isn't abnormal!

Good luck on your runs!


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Im new to speed running.

Started by: SollymasterSollymaster

Most fighting games fit this description.

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Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: HDCP and me...

Started by: KrayzarKrayzar

So far so good! Not a single frame drop while recording and streaming.

The HD60 S also worked right out of the box. No driver install needed on Windows 10 with OBS, which I was impressed with. I did end up needing to do some updates to drivers to get some of my newer consoles working though.

Still gotta test the Wii U's Wii mode.

Flawless straight from the box.

@MASHMASH is correct, it definitely works better on 720p for PS3. You have to plug and unplug the cap card otherwise, should it switch video modes. And boy does it like to switch video modes.

The splitter works great for PS3 though. I purchased a View HD - VHD-1X2MN3D ( https:/​/​www.​amazon.​com/​gp/​product/​B004F9LVXC/​ ) Just something of note, the splitter isn't magic, you do need an HDCP device on one side for it to work, but that should be pretty common unless you are trying to output to something that isn't a TV.

Wii U:
Works exactly as you'd expect, only the big screen shows up. No hard resolution changes, so it's fine on even virtual console. Probably should test Wii mode eventually. Initially I had some issues with the video and audio skipping on this console, but after updating video and mainboard drivers, everything is resolved.

If you have a PS4 Pro, you need to set the thing to 1080p only and reset your capture card. Otherwise, it works just as you'd expect! No hard resolution changes. Initially I had some issues with the video and audio skipping on this console, but after updating video and mainboard drivers, everything is resolved.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: snes emus are disappearing ive noticed

Started by: HughTahoobHughTahoob

ZSNES isn't something folks should be using these days anyways.

Don't get me wrong, it was influential and important, but there are far more accurate and simpler to use options now.

If you want that nostalgia hit, sure, use it for fun, but other than that, there's really no reason.

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Thread: New site layout!

Started by: PacPac

Actually, is it just me or is the text really close to the sides of the screen on mobile? It makes it a little awkward to read I feel like. If it's not just me, perhaps a little padding might fix it?

It's weird, the actual typing field doesn't have the same problem. Good padding there.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: New site layout!

Started by: PacPac

I like how clean it is, but after playing with the theme features, I think it would benefit from a little more user control in terms of text color, background color and top bar color. There's situations I can create that make certain color choices unworkable, or at least a lot less readable.

I'll miss being able to change the logo. I had some really nice ones cooked up.

EDIT: Cool, thanks @PacPac !

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