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Thread: Video Evidence

Started by: ZBomb07ZBomb07

I strongly disagree with what iBall said haha, the difference on CRT is huge. At different times I've used composite, s-video, component, and a PVM and seen a significant difference each time. Each step does have diminishing returns vs. the previous one, but the jump from RF/composite to s-video/component is huge.

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Thread: 5-2 "366" Framerule Wasn't Actually Saved

Started by: KosmicKosmic

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I just spent hours trying to figure out how Lekukie saved the mid 366 framerule in 5-2, and finally found out that he actually didn't.

When playing through the level normally, and doing the typical slowdown for devils spell (nothing fancy, just holding left), the first frame you can jump on for the clip is Frame 068. Jumping on this frame, and then doing a perfect devils spell with 3 frame perfect jumps will get you going down the pipe with Frame = 109 and R = 06 at the top of the Pellsson rom.

After entering the warp zone, the X sockfolder value in the HUD will be E. Here is a video with the typical HUD values (note that this devils spell is 2 frames slower than perfect, so all of the values will reflect that):

This is what you get when you start the level normally. Starting the level normally has the frame counter = 024. This holds true even if you restart the level with up+select. BUT, if you load a savestate (using left+select) after doing up+select, the HUD values will all change depending on what frame you did up+select.

In Lekukie's Twitch broadcast, he did just that. Here you can see him up+select to return to the beginning of the level, and it gives him the regular 024 frame number. But after running through it once, he loads back to a savestate he made at the beginning, and now the frame number is 152:

This actually messes up all of the frame counting HUD values, including the X sockfolder value and the R value. I tested this and everything lines up perfectly for it to be true. I got the frame count to be 152 myself at the beginning of the level, and here's a devils spell I did from there:

If you compare this devils spell to the first one of mine I linked above, you'll see they're the exact same speed. And yet, this one gets G into the warp zone instead of C. At this point, everything finally made sense to me. Looking at this, I could see 2 frames I could possibly save. I could jump 1 frame earlier after Mario comes to a stop, and I lost 1 frame on one of the jumps inside the pipe (the one where Mario turns around). So overall this devils spell is 2 frames slow.

Now compare this to Lekukie's:

You'll notice that everything is offset by exactly 2 frames! It all matches up perfectly! Lekukie jumps on frame 196 (1 frame earlier compared to the 197 in my video) and has all frame perfect jumps inside the pipe (Mario faces left for the entire clip). He gets "I" value upon entering the warp zone, which is 2 frames faster than G.

All of the HUD values are offset by 4 when comparing to regular HUD values that aren't messed up by loading a savestate. This means that Lekukie's X = I and R = 10 are actually the same speed as X = E and R = 6. When he finishes the level and gets R = 15, it's actually the same speed as R = 11, meaning it's 4 frames shy of saving the framerule. It's nothing to shake a stick at- his devils spell is the fastest you can go without doing a different slowdown method or a different clip method. But it unfortunately did not save the framerule. You can save 1 frame in the warp zone, and, according to Kriller, you can save 2 frames by doing a lower initial jump into the devils spell pipe and doing 4 frame perfect jumps inside the pipe instead of 3. All of that together would still come up 1 frame shy of saving the framerule. Drat! Not that it matters too much, since at that point it would be easier to just do the left side clip and save more time with it anyway.

Case closed! Be careful with your HUD values!

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Thread: (FOR MODS) What counts as killing the despawning plant? (Anti-Pacifist)

Started by: Lul_ecks_deeLul_ecks_dee

Fireball hit piranha plant on the same frame it despawned. That means it despawned and didn't die. If the piranha plant death routine executed you would be rewarded 200 points.

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Thread: SMB1 Speedrun of the decade

Started by: Johnny__MandarinoJohnny__Mandarino

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human sum of best was like 4:56.6 or .5 at the time and it wasn't thought to be humanly impossible. Also that's not a great metric. Let's say somehow there's a new trick that saves 4 seconds and someone gets a 4:53 with it. It would be a time that was previously thought to be literally impossible, but not speedrun of the decade.

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Thread: Any% No Coins 1-1 through underground section

Started by: youtubeman06youtubeman06

@Lul_ecks_deeLul_ecks_dee I mean that in a TAS of all coins you would take the pipe and save probably 3 framerules or more.

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Thread: New Practice ROM Released

Started by: pellssonpellsson

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I finally got around to messing with this and quickly found myself in this situation, lol

it seems using the built in savestates causes a lot of palette glitches lol


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: New Practice ROM Released

Started by: pellssonpellsson

Woah, this is sick. Haven't gotten the chance to tinker with it yet, but reading up on the frame advance/slow motion and the IL features, it sounds amazing.

Thank you!

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Thread: Banned

Started by: RyanWalker1RyanWalker1

That discord is not ran by SMB1 moderators and is completely disconnected from SRC. Posting on this forum won't help.

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Thread: 100 people in this world have achieved sub 5 as of yesterday!

Started by: Lul_ecks_deeLul_ecks_dee

Sub 5 was proven possible about 7 years before Andrewg got it. He didn't find any massive timesaving glitches, just ways that he could implement already known glitches. Just like xx_420_blazit_xx did not find wall clips, just an RTA viable way of doing them. Also, sub 5 probably would've happened sooner if TG didn't hold Andrew back from doing glitches for a few years.

Good job and congrats to everybody who has achieved things in SMB1 🙂

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Thread: SNES Classic viability

Started by: BigBurdelBigBurdel

As Roopert stated, snes classic is an approved platform for the All Stars version, not the NES version.

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Thread: SMB1 Rom

Started by: SuperMario64Ultimate

Distributing roms online is illegal. Do not ask about this on the forums.

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Thread: New Category ?

Started by: wrboiek_niskiwrboiek_niski

Just do runs of whatever you want. If you want to do runs with this then go for it. You don't need a leaderboard for it to do so.

And yes it does make all the levels free. Those who are already capable of fpg and other advanced tricks would not choose to spend time doing those tricks with this code on, since any% is already enough of a grind. For those who aren't already proficient at those tricks, they would do better to just practice the tricks in isolation.

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Thread: A word...

Started by: roopert83roopert83

The verification process isn't skipped, it is completed before the run enters the queue.

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Thread: Fixable Problem

Started by: DarpeyDarpey

There are a lot of things I could say in response to this but I know you're not in a good state of mind right now and hopefully you can cool off and look back at this whole thing more reasonably. People were banned from the general smb discord from non smb1 mods. I'm open to having a dialogue with you if you can take a step back and look at the whole picture with us.

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Thread: The Limit of 1-2

Started by: Maru370Maru370

Watch how the TAS does 4-2 warp zone, and that's how you would save the framerule with no clip.

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Thread: GG to mods that verify

Started by: DarpeyDarpey

Ends don't justify means, and the least effective way to inspire people is to tell them they're doing a bad job, especially when you don't have all the facts. I hope you will take a more considerate approach in the future.

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Thread: GG to mods that verify

Started by: DarpeyDarpey

If the point of the post is to drive home that runs should/could be verified faster, why even bring up how many runs are verified by x person? I think a personal message of gratitude towards those who you want to thank, and a forum post purely promoting discussion/presenting solutions for the problem. If that was truly the point, why was nothing said about it in the original post? All this will do is cause onlookers to garner distaste towards certain moderators. That's where I suggest a different approach.

Picante's sentiments are perfect. I don't think there is really much I could add. Various mods write novels in discord and also applications that make timing the game easier.

Can we do something to speed up the verification process? Yes. Definitely. Let's make posts about that then instead 🙂

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