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Jetwash was the "bully" not that he even said anything, I just got banned by association, I think you'd be surprised to find that only you and tmstage seem to think of me that way.


Tanya you are the only mod not in the real cod discord so I'm not sure how you claim to have the majority of mods in the other server, by the way is there an eta on when if ever I'm going to be unbanned from there.


@Liv He has me blocked on steam, and none of the other runners have talked to him in years, its more about the fact that he doesn't want to be contacted.


I'd like to request super mod for myself or Phantom on modern warfare 2, Lo1ts is the only one, and has been inactive since 2015, and is uncontactable; and I would like to be able to get some new mods on this game before i lose interest too.

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@PerkiePie That's not how it works, increasing fps in this game only affects strafing and its fairly minimal, basically it just makes any strafe you do slightly more effective; for example 300fps might be 5% faster than 60fps, this is another thing that can be difficult to check though since the difference in speed could also be due to the players skill in strafing, though this is more of a pc issue since consoles have locked frame rates.

I'm not sure about the rules here but i feel like we're flooding this thread with not much reason, so I'm going to stop replying now.


1. Checking fps like that doesn't work at all since the speed increase is based on what fps the game is running at, not what fps the recording software is capturing.

2. It seems like you are taking this "Innocent till valid suspicions are raised; then suspected till proven innocent" the wrong way, if several people with experience in the game agree that something looks fishy then that's a perfectly valid suspicion in my opinion. I think the point you're missing here is that all of the most experienced cod speedrunners are in agreement about this, the only people siding with racingmonster are the ones like you who aren't experienced enough in the game to spot the subtle differences. If some of these more experienced runners were certain that his run was legit then there wouldn't be much I could do about it.



One last point that phantom didnt cover, you say: "Speedrunning is mostly about trust. I bet that at least up to 10% of the (overall) runs on or other sites are cheated, spliced or whatever. You can't reveal a cheater or splicer this simple if this guys know what they doing. So this is all about trust and reputation."

I can say with confidence that no verified runs in mw2 or mw3 are cheated, because i take cheating very seriously; you say that just because he did a good job of making it subtle that he deserves to be trusted with his time depriving someone else of their hard earned world record. Although it may be hard to prove to others that the run is cheated, i am 99% certain it is (barring some weird bug in his console that could increase the frame rate). Because he increases the base movement speed by something like 1% it would be nearly impossible for anyone inexperienced to spot this, but with over 3000 hours speedrunning cod games I'm quite confident that i know what I'm looking at, and it looks wrong to me.


@Suappi I'm not even sure why survival is a category here, it's not a speedrun, infact it's almost the direct opposite of one.


Rule change is a better idea, most games start timer at gaining control.


The is indeed an autosplitter file, I'm not sure why this game doesn't have igt along with rta time, i couldn't find out how to change it, but i should.

Here is the autosplitter file


I should probably be mod of at least mw2, maybe mw3.


I had one attempt at this and got a 7.24, am rendering the video right now, i had a ton of mistakes, my gut feeling is to say sub 7 should definitely be a thing but idk i havent really looked at anything properly, also yeah getting an autosplitter working would be really good, i would have an unfair advantage right now since i run it off an ssd with super fast load times