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Started by: HalodudeHalodude

Hellooooo, I'm Kinnin11, call me Kinnin pls 😉

I started speedrunning around september 2013. Back then i picked up the Meta Knightmare Ultra game mode of Kirby Super Star Ultra. I ran it for a looooong time until i almost got burned out on it and switched to KSSU 100%, which was a lot of fun back in the day. I took a bit of a break at one point and then got back to it with renewed motivation.

Currently i'm trying to improve my god awful KSSU 100% PB, i'm actually pretty happy with my MKU time right now. When i am satisfied with 100% i was planning on going to Squeack Squad. I also definetly want to learn NiD in the future, since there's more Meta Knight there, which i like a lot.

so yeah, thats me..... Kirby is cute and Meta Knight is cool