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  Super modSluckySeven
Where: Online Marathon being run by the NASA tech crew.

When: Weekend of August 25th.

Submissions: Open Now! Submissions will close July 15th. Games list will be posted July 20th with the final Schedule being posted August 1st.

If you have questions, comments, concerns or would like to volunteer to help please contact me either here or on twitter (@SluckySeven)
If I already submitted a run, but just got a gigantic PB, should I resubmit it since its so early on?
Little update on my availability
Any day, but run(if gets in) has to start sometime from 4pm to 8pm CET(so from 10am to 2 pm EST)
I could definitely help out with the event for w,e i can do remotely when I'm not at work.
Normally around Late nights 12/2am till 6am or so EST.

Hope the event goes well, Wish i ran 64 games but I'm to scrub for that atm.
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Do you have a time limit / preferred time range for submitted runs?
Sorry to ask, but I actually think I'd rather withdraw my submission of Mario Party 2. Just really isn't a good run for marathons or showcases. I'm still definitely good to go on Elmo's Number Journey, though.
  Super modSluckySeven
kruskader: After the games list is posted. Runners will be asked to submit an availability form of some sort.

oddtom: Like length of the actual submission? Not really. Part of the marathon idea is to accept runs you might not see in other marathons, if you're worried about length being an issue don't worry about it. If you mean when are runs no longer being accepted, submissions close on July 15th.

silo_simon: Up to you. No worries though we can remove it when we go over submissions on the 15th.
Yeah, if you wouldn't mind doing that, that would be great perhaps when I feel more confident about that one. I appreciate it.
Unfortunately, I have not yet moved into a new place, so I don't think I'll have a gaming/streaming setup ready for the marathon. Sorry my dude.
Wasn't sure if this is the place to post this, but would it be possible for bmac_attack_64 to fill in for me? He would be doing a different category, but he's been derusting the game.
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